Trick or treating by any means...sort of

Trick or treating by any means...sort of

A few years before I became a parent, my aunt started a tradition of taking my younger siblings and cousins trick or treating in Oak Park. Although I didn’t have a child of my own, I’d always go along for the experience. At times I wondered if I was somehow reliving moments I’d never had as a child. My mom never took us trick or treating. It was always one of those things that we just didn’t do. We sometimes wore costumes or ate candy at home, but that was about it.

After seeing how much fun trick or treating was, not only for the kids, but the adults as well, I promised myself that I would take my child trick or treating every year no matter what. Last year that promise was nearly put to the test when I was asked to go on a work trip that I wasn’t originally planning to go on. Halloween was a little more than a week away and I was faced with a tough decision. On one hand I feared that I would miss out on this experience with my child the first time she could actually somewhat grasp the concept. Then, of course I wondered if it would be appropriate to request to not go for something that seemed as trivial as Halloween.

Thankfully, I was afforded the opportunity to do both. It truly pays to work for a company that supports a healthy work-life balance. I literally flew 600 miles on Halloween to keep that promise to myself and my child. My flight landed in the late afternoon, and we rushed from the airport to get the kids ready to go. This year, there isn’t a trip planned so I don’t have to worry about deciding between work and my Halloween tradition. Go-2-baby will be three next month and has gone trick or treating each year since birth. She was Hello Kitty/Cinderella for her first Halloween, a Bumblebee last year, and will either be a My Little Pony or Care Bear character hopefully this time around. Yea, I know… I should have her costume already.

No matter what she ends up being, we will be trick or treating in the same area again this year. This is a tradition that I plan to continue as long as possible. I thought of trick or treating at the zoo or mall, but I really enjoy going from house to house and admiring the spooky decorations. Once we get a house of our own, we may start hosting a Halloween party for friends and family and welcome trick or treaters each year. Until then, we will stick with what we know.

This is my first post as part of “This Blogger Life,” where each week ChicagoNow bloggers are given a broad theme from which we can write a blog post interpreting the topic in any way we want. This week our theme is Halloween Traditions. I’d love to hear about what some of your traditions are.

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