5 Reasons I Don't Hate Caillou

5 Reasons I Don't Hate Caillou

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine shared an article from Renegade Mothering expressing her pure disgust for Caillou. I found her article to be quite entertaining and even somewhat true, only I don’t necessarily feel the same way. I was shocked to see that many of her readers actually share her feelings regarding the harmless, bald, forever four year old cartoon character.  I put back on my “SEO” hat for a second and did a little googling to see how many other parents felt that way too, turns out most moms in America hate Caillou with a passion.

One mom in particular even wishes that the animated character burn in a fire, pretty harsh don’t you think? Now maybe I’m new to this parenting thing and don’t have as much experience with Caillou, but I don’t see what the big problem is. I decided to take the opposite approach and share 5 reasons why I don’t hate Caillou. I would have done 10, but realistically I probably can’t think of 10 reasons. I’m curious to see if anyone agrees with me.

5. Simple: Caillou is a very simple cartoon, it doesn’t require too much thought or explanation and the stories are very easy to follow

4. Life Lessons: The cartoon teaches real life lessons suitable for preschool aged children in a way that they can comprehend

3. Realistic: Caillou acts pretty much like many four year old kids, he’s a whiny little brat as most kids his age are, hating Caillou would mean that I hate many of the children I know in real life who whine a great deal more than he does

2. Positive: Caillou is a fairly positive cartoon, he has manners that pretty much reinforce the behaviors we are teaching Go-2-baby like saying please, thank you, your welcome and all of that good stuff

1. Attention: Last but definitely not least, this fairly simple cartoon captivates my child’s attention for a longer period of time than anything else. She plops in front of the television and allows me to get work done around the house, on the computer and GASP, she even allows me to get in a quick nap at times.

I’m sure that my 5 reasons aren’t compelling enough to change the minds of the MAC (Moms Against Caillou) coalition, but its enough for me to maintain my sanity as Go-2-baby sings along with the theme song everyday. Caillou is the first character I’ve ever seen my child get excited about. She squeals and jumps for joy whenever she sees it on Netflix YouTube or anywhere. How can I hate a cartoon that brings my child so much happiness? Again, I may be new at this parenting thing. Maybe I’m supposed to learn to hate whatever she loves so much, but for now I’m going to have to cut the little bald kid some slack. So much slack that I’m actually in the process of planning a Caillou and friends birthday party for the big 2 next month. I’ll be sure to share pics of course.

Are there any other moms out here who actually don’t mind Caillou? You don’t necessarily have to love him, but I’m sure there has to be a group of parents who equally like or even love Caillou? Or…is it really just me?





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  • Hate, hate, hate, hate Caillou, but love your post!:)

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    In reply to Dad All Day:

    Go 2 daddy isn't a fan of Caillou either lol. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • In reply to Go 2 Mommy:

    Not much to like:) I shared this in the Dad All Day page:) Hope it helps. Great job:)

  • I am a One-Time Only Poster, or a One-Time Commenter, hence my user-name, meaning I'm only doing one post for this site and then leaving again.

    Now the main point: I just want to say "I LIKE and LOVE CALLIOU!" I think he's cool, and cute. I'm a proud lover of Calliou.

    I'm only 28 years old, will be 29 in less than two months, have Asperger's syndrome, no lie, and enjoy cartoons, even kiddie cartoons like Arthur, Maya and Miguel, Super Why, Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps, Bubble Guppies (especially Nonny believe it or not, he's my most favorite of them all,) Berenstein Bears, 64 Zoo Lane, Stella and Sam, Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Little Bear, Franklin (I do like Franklin and Friends but I like the Original. 2-D Series better), and some more.

    But I'm not afraid to say I like Calliou. I'm sorry a lot of people don't like Calliou, even hate him, however, to each one his and hers. I do, and will, respect other people's opinions, everyone is entitled to their views, and it's not my decision what other people like and dislike, love and hate. And I truly hope I'm saying this nicely, I'm not trying to start any fights or confrontations with anyone, I'm a lover not a fighter and hate confrontations. I have cartoons I don't like too, but I won't list any, I don't want to offend anyone.

    But if Calliou is liked by anyone, it's me. Calliou, I know you're just a cartoon character, and you're not real, don't exist, and cannot hear me, but I like you and I love you, even with your bald head, though I wonder why you're bald, but I still like you. I seriously wish I was bald, I hate having long hair on my head. If you wish you had hair, I'd trade places with you in that area if I could.

    I do admit though, I like the later seasons of Calliou better than the earlier seasons, Calliou's, and that of the other characters, physical appearance looks better. I don't like the way he looks that much in the earlier seasons but I like how it looks in the later seasons. He's also very nice, although I don't like everything Calliou does and sometimes he does things that aren't very nice and can get selfish as times and even be a little mean to his sister. I shouldn't complain too much because I have sisters but lived with one of them for over 25 years, well she was born when I was 5 and moved away last year, and I wasn't always nice to her myself.

    One thing I didn't like seeing on Calliou was him sitting on the toilet in that one episode. That was more than I needed, and wanted to see and I would have rather not seen him use the bathroom than see that (I don't like seeing anyone, male or female, not even cartoon characters, sit on the toilet, I don't mind it happening since it's natural and normal, as long as I don't have to see it.)

    I've even had a few dreams about Calliou in my life, and the last dream I had about him was my best one so far, he was actually right there with me and was not only talking to me but actually counseling me because I must have done something stupid, so he talked to me about it. A 28 year old boy (I don't see myself as a man) being given council by a mere 4-year old male cartoon character. And I cannot wait to have another dream about him and other cartoon characters.

    I will say this much, Calliou is a better four year old than I ever was, I think sometimes I envy him. I think you'd like Calliou more than me, you might not have liked me as a four-year-old.

    Nobody has to like Calliou if they don't want to, again, I respect that, but I am one of the few people on this earth that likes Calliou, the show and the character and other characters, like Xavier, I like him more than Leo and Andre. I also like Daniel, and if I like any female characters in the show, I do like Clamentine and Sarah, and Calliou's mother, and I do like Rosie a little. And if you do like Calliou too, or any other kiddie show, don't be ashamed of that.

    I do wish I could have seen a railroad crossing on that show, I like railroad crossings, especially the ones with lights and gates. There were trains on a few episodes of that show, but I didn't see any railroad crossings in any of the episodes and hoped I would in the one where Calliou and his family go on a train ride across the country or something, and I've almost given up hope of ever seeing one, even though I'm not sure I've seen every single episode..

    But I like Calliou none-the-less and hopefully, I always will. And this is all I'll say. Thanks for reading.

  • I'm back to make a correction, it wasn't 25 years, my sister is 23 years old. I regret giving that false information and was guessing, or estimating. My apologies.

    I also wanted to say "Go 2 Mom, you're not the only one who likes Calliou."

    I'm not a parent by the way and don't plan to be, I'm not good with children and I enjoy my life too much to have kids.

    From that last message I left, I know I probably just set myself up for ridicule. But I want it to be known that I like Calliou.

    Leaving now, never to come back again.

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    Thanks so much for reading, and for sharing your story. There's absolutely nothing wrong with watching cartoons as an adult, I still love to watch cartoons and shows that are made for children at times. It just helps that I'm a mom and have a child to watch them with.

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    I felt the same way you did, until I recently had an epiphany. My two year old lives Calliou. Like you said, he's the one cartoon she gets really excited about without fail. However, recently I've noticed her using phrases and things that I didn't particularly like (ex: saying "please please please please" endlessly hoping I'd eventually give her something she wanted). Every time I heard these new phrases, I thought to myself "surely she didn't think of this on her own." Sure enough, I've since noticed that Calliou often says these exact same things. With that said though, I still think Calliou is a better show than most any show on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. I guess we'll just start watching more Clifford and Word World..she likes those too, but not nearly as much as Calliou.

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    Thanks so much for reading and sharing. My daughter also began to sound a lot like Caillou at one point. I'm proud to say that she's since moved on to Curious George, Clifford and now My Little Pony and Care Bears have her heart. Our little people definitely know how to move on from one thing to the next.

  • My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves Caillou. She started off loving Elmo and then Daniel Tiger and then Curious George, but none of them have her glued to the TV like Caillou. She lights up and dances to the theme song and everytime i pull up a list of things to watch on Netflix, she sees Caillou and points to him each time. She's not a big talker yet, but she can say "Caillou". I think alot of it is because it's so colorful with all the primary colors represented. I don't understand why people think Caillou is bratty. I just don't get it. I think he represents the average four year old more than Elmo or Daniel Tiger. Yea, four year olds only think mostly about themselves. Caillou represents that. I don't think Caillou misbehaves or teaches any bad habits. He is more well behaved than most 4 year olds. I am just at a loss to see why there is so much hate for a cartoon character. Oh and Rosie is a sweetheart. Her and my daughter have the red hair in common. :)

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    I have a 14 month who loves Caillou and frankly my husband and I love it too. Even our 22 daughter who babysits our son likes it. We think its cute and realistic. 4 year old children get frustrated and also have to learn how to behave. I am shocked at how many parents criticise this show and the frequency of tantrums is greatly exaggerated. We watch Caillou daily and he sometimes gets upset but mom and dad explain things to him and he responds and corrects his actions accordingly. We just watched a good one where he learned that his friend at school had diabetes and he was worried for her and drew her a card and carried her backpack and watched out for her at the playground. We really love Caillou and I was really glad to see you post this!

  • i want you to know I've seen Calliou and I can't see anything horrible about him(they said the same thang about Franklin the turtle,too and I dig Franklin as well.) the original voice of Calliou was the same person who did the voice of the cartoon Anne of Green gables(Bryn McAuley so that makes me dig Calliou a lot more. I just can't believe that so many people hate Calliou-it's upsets me (but then I'm the only person on the planet Earth who likes The flying nun (no people likes this at all)and I also like Max and ruby and it depresses me that everyone hates this as well(same goes for both versions of Angelina Ballerina which I truly dig. I'm a 50 year old autistic bloke and I enjoy cartoons as well (both classic and new mostly for preschoolers so please don't think I 'm insane). enjoying cartoons and old television shows give more happiness than illegal street narcotics ever could .mommy2go you ain't the only one who doesn't hate Caliou and the theme is very sweet and catchy as well so how could I hate that? anyhow that's all for now and I'm sorry for being a pain. dig ya later and tell calliou hello.(sister Bertrille probably like calliou also

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