I am Lori Welstead, Registered Dietitian and Celiac disease warrior.
My life has been turned upside down since getting diagnosed with Celiac disease November 2015. The irony is that I have specialized in Celiac disease for over a decade.

Shocked to the core but motivated to navigate the best spots with gluten-free fare in Chicago and beyond.

Let's face it: for those eating a strict gluten-free diet, knowing legit places to eat is like an underground world! Everyone has great intentions, whether it be family, friends or restaurants, but don't always really understand the realities.   I am a Registered Dietitian at the University of Chicago Medicine and the Nutrition Advisor for our Celiac Disease Center. My husband is a chef and we have been able to make great substitutions and navigate the challenges of a gluten-free lifestyle in a gluten-laden world. My hope is to inspire, educate and create more awareness to ensure cross-contamination is understood when eating out, and a local go-to gluten-free resource.