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Life's a Beach...Well, At Least This Week

Life's a Beach...Well, At Least This Week
I woke up early this morning and decided to take advantage of a quiet, sleeping house on our first full day of vacation in Michigan. As I was running next to the gentle waves lapping up on the empty beach, I looked out to the west. Endless water. No Chicago in sight. Though we are only 2... Read more »

Mid-week Menu: Creative Uses for Barbecue Pork Ribs

If you read my News & Nibbles post from Monday, you learned that we grilled some delicious racks of baby back ribs, coated with my husband’s sweet & spicy rib rub recipe, over the weekend. Here’s the rub (pun intended). What do you do with leftover baby back ribs? In usual Costco fashion, we overbought.... Read more »

Gluten Free Ryan Gosling and Gwyneth....News N' Nibbles Monday

Well, the weekend is over and Monday is here again. What’s new in the world of living gluten free you ask? Let me tell you. The Collegiate Celiac For better or worse, keg parties and late night pizza deliveries are ubiquitous on most college campuses. For college students with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, partaking... Read more »

Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month at Maggiano's in Schaumburg

May is National Celiac Awareness month and what could be a better way to celebrate than enjoying a four-course gluten free meal and wine pairings at Maggiano’s in Schaumburg?   On Friday, May 13th, Chef Castano Penn will be preparing an entirely gluten free meal from appetizers to dessert, as well as providing education to... Read more »