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Inspire Kids' Creativity with an Arts and Crafts Nook

Inspire Kids' Creativity with an Arts and Crafts Nook
With my kids home this summer and me returning to work, it’s important to have plenty of activities to keep them occupied during the day. My kids love arts and crafts, but creating any art project is always a project in itself. Crayons over here, construction paper hidden there, glue sticks nowhere to be found,... Read more »

DIY Friday: Fancy That! Throwing a Splendiferous Birthday Party

This is the third post in my three-part weekly series for living gladly and gluten free: News n’ Nibbles Monday, Mid-week Menus on Wednesdays, and today…DIY Friday! Today’s project focuses on DIY birthday parties. Sure you can go to Chuckie Cheese’s, Monkey Jones, or some jumpy place and call it a day. But with so... Read more »

Gluten Free Spring Garden Party

Even though Chicago weather isn’t following suit, spring is definitely here….at least that is what the birds chirping at 6am are telling me. To celebrate this season that brings new life blooming with possibility, we decided to have a spring garden themed birthday party for my daughter. We had both gluten and gluten-free guests, so... Read more »