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What's Eating You? Maybe It's What You're Eating

Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate. Celiac Disease is on the rise, and food allergies are becoming more and more prevalent. So, what’s going on? The nation seems to be getting sicker. While genetic predisposition to certain chronic illness is undisputed, there seem to be other factors at play that are making us less... Read more »

Creative Gifts for Terrific Teachers, Great Grads, and Darn Good Dads

‘Tis the season for end of the school year picnics and graduation parties, not to mention Father’s Day just around the corner. What to give all of these terrific teachers, great grads, and damn good Dads in your life? Today’s DIY Friday edition is filled with a few creative gift ideas for giving that special... Read more »

Gluten and Dairy Free Restaurants in Chicagoland and the Suburbs

What’s a gluten free guy or girl to do when it comes to dining out? In Chicago, dig in! Chicago and its surrounding suburbs has an ever increasing number of restaurants with gluten free menus and dining options for gluten free and dairy free diners. With the growing awareness of gluten free living and recent... Read more »