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Enjoy Dinner and Drinks at Wildfire's Gluten Free Dinner Week

Enjoy Dinner and Drinks at Wildfire's Gluten Free Dinner Week
Rather than exchange birthday gifts, my husband and I celebrate our birthdays each year by enjoying  an evening out with dinner and drinks. We’ve had some great dining experiences over the years and have not let my dietary restrictions hamper our ability to get out, celebrate and enjoy good food – we just have to... Read more »

Gluten Free Pizza offered at the Taste of Chicago

It’s here. Starting today through July 3rd, you can experience the tastes, smells, and interesting sights that are The Taste of Chicago in Grant Park. With 59 restaurants offering items from their menus, it can be a diner’s paradise. For those with celiac disease or a food intolerance, it can be quite a different story.... Read more »

Gluten and Dairy Free Restaurants in Chicagoland and the Suburbs

What’s a gluten free guy or girl to do when it comes to dining out? In Chicago, dig in! Chicago and its surrounding suburbs has an ever increasing number of restaurants with gluten free menus and dining options for gluten free and dairy free diners. With the growing awareness of gluten free living and recent... Read more »