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Inspire Kids' Creativity with an Arts and Crafts Nook

Inspire Kids' Creativity with an Arts and Crafts Nook
With my kids home this summer and me returning to work, it’s important to have plenty of activities to keep them occupied during the day. My kids love arts and crafts, but creating any art project is always a project in itself. Crayons over here, construction paper hidden there, glue sticks nowhere to be found,... Read more »

DIY Decorating: Combined Master Bedroom and Baby Nursery

Our master bedroom - after update and with baby's crib.
While moving into a McMansion could certainly the solve space issues we are encountering in our modest three-bedroom home with two children and a third on the way any day, it is not in our fiscal future any time soon. Even if we had thousands of extra square footage at our disposal, I think we’d... Read more »

Gluten Free Valentine's Day: Candy, Crafts, and Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Gluten Free Valentine's Day: Candy, Crafts, and Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies
Valentine’s Day is almost here. We’ve been busy over here getting ready for school parties and our own little sweet celebrations at home, so I thought I’d share some of our home made crafts and sweet treats. Last year, I opted to make a decadent red velvet cake to celebrate. So good! This year, I’m... Read more »

Gluten Free Superbowl Food for Enjoying the Big Game

The Superbowl is only a day away. Beyonce has been busy perfecting her half-time routine (reportedly no backing track this time) and sportscaster trash talking and hype has been well under way. But the big question is – what to serve at your Superbowl gathering? Whether you plan to gathered as a family around the... Read more »

Avoid the Post-Holiday Blahs and Celebrate Winter in Your Home

Arrange mason jars filled with kosher salt, pinecones, and twigs to create a winter mantle or countertop display.
The tree is down, ornaments packed up, and every bit of sparkly Christmas magic gone from the mantle. If you are like me, it is gratifying to have those holiday Rubbermaids packed away in attic until next year, but my house suddenly looks bare. Every year I seem to go through this. When I take... Read more »

Ring in 2013 with a Family Friendly New Year's Fondue

Fondue set - washed and ready for action!
The close of 2012 is upon us, and we’ve decided to ring in the New Year with the little ones tonight.  How fitting is it that as I’m writing this, my iTunes has randomly selected Jellyfish’s “I Wanna Stay Home”? Yes, call me lame but I am looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve at... Read more »

Gluten Free Cookies, Gift Wrapping, and Christmas, Oh My!

I am writing this post as we barrel down the highway at 88 miles an hour towards central Illinois to start our family Christmas. I secretly think my husband is attempting to turn our Durango into a DeLorean and go back to Christmas future 🙂  I just love that I can multi-task because it’s been... Read more »

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Mommies-to-Be and Those Gluten Free

The holidays are almost upon us, but there is still time to shop….especially for those that are harder to buy for this time of year. Having celiac disease and being pregnant, I know I can be a difficult person to Christmas shop for….clothes are a little iffy because of my ever expanding belly and the... Read more »

The Story of Elfy: Our Knock-off Elf on the Shelf

Our magical elfin' friend.
I have to admit, I was reluctant to even give in to the Elf on the Shelf hoopla this year, given some stories I’ve heard and the daily maintenance required for repositioning. So when I decided we’d adopt an elf for the house, rather than go the usual route of most parents and purchase THE... Read more »

DIY Christmas Decorating: Easy Ideas for Small Spaces

Who says joy is limited to Christmastime? Simple silver frames, printed out letters, and red berry garland dress up a plain entryway long after Christmas has come and gone. I spray painted the black frames silver and printed out J-O-Y. I "aged" the corners with silver and brown pencil.
Decorating for the holidays comes with a few challenges. How do you keep things festive and fresh for the holidays in a small space without creating clutter and breaking the bank? Since we live in a smaller home – our downstairs is one great room with kitchen, living area, dining room and bar/entertainment area, space... Read more »