My Story

It's been just over 3 years since I have been diagnosed with
celiac disease and a casein allergy. My story started like so many other
people with celiac - a myriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms,
digestive woes, and fatigue that I just attributed to raising two
children under the age of 4. It is amazing though what something as
simple as changing the food you eat can do. Removing gluten and dairy
from my diet has literally given me a new lease on life. Do I miss the
taste of crusty bread slathered with butter? Of course. Do I
occasionally wake up in the morning and realize that I had a dream
about cheese? Embarrassing, but true. But, I have learned to cook again -
this time flavorfully and healthfully.

Before celiac, my husband and I enjoyed traveling and experiencing
cuisine in various parts of the world. We still continue to do so, now
with two little ones in tow and a somewhat restricted set of dining
options. Through this blog I hope to share recipes that I've enjoyed,
resources I've found helpful in the McHenry county area, and learn from
others living with celiac. I am always on the lookout for new gluten
and dairy free products, local dining options, and eager to learn about
new treatment options and advances in research. My son has joined me on
this gluten free journey for the past year, so please let me know if
someone has created gluten free goldfish crackers!

I do accept sample gluten free products and indicate them as such to my readers.

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