Avoid the Post-Holiday Blahs and Celebrate Winter in Your Home

The tree is down, ornaments packed up, and every bit of sparkly Christmas magic gone from the mantle. If you are like me, it is gratifying to have those holiday Rubbermaids packed away in attic until next year, but my house suddenly looks bare.

Every year I seem to go through this. When I take down Christmas decorations, I either cannot remember where I had placed my various tchotchkes throughout the house before, or I am looking to change things up a bit. It’s too early for Spring decor, so what are some ways to avoid the post-holiday decorating blahs in your home? Embrace winter. There are many great sites out there with ideas on winter decor as well as tips and trends. Here are a few DIY ideas that I’ve used that can hopefully inspire you to spruce up your space after the holidays and celebrate the season of winter.

Carry over holiday agnostic items: Instead of packing away those mason jars, candle holders, and  gold and silver accents that you displayed during Christmas and New Year’s, reuse them. Rather than pairing them with red, green, and traditionally Christmas-themed items, opt for pastels, creams, and bright whites.

Add some whimsy: I love the “silverware art” I copied off of the Internet. I simply used some of my favorite beige butcher paper, a distressed frame I had in storage, and two of my oversized serving utensils to create some whimsical kitchen art. Our chalkboard art continues to be a favorite for seasonal messages as well. Baby, it IS cold outside!

Use natural fibers: Using twine, burlap, twigs, glass and pine cones give your home a touch of winter – bringing the outside in. I created a countertop display in our bar area using mason jars filled with kosher salt (snow), twigs, and pine cones. I then arranged the mason jars with some rustic lantern lights I had from the summer atop  a butcher paper tablecloth and handmade snowflakes the kids had created. It feels rustic, yet cozy.

Create a winter art gallery: Children make such colorful art all year long and it shouldn’t be banished to a scrapbook. I showcased some winter tree scenes and a snowman landscape the kids had made in our front hallway. Arranging a collection of seasonal children’s art in similar frames not only adds color to a bare wall, but celebrates the season in a neat and decorative way.

Got some great ideas to share on how to decorate your space for winter and beat the post-holiday blahs? I’d love to hear them. Please drop a line or comment!


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