Mid-week Menu: Maple Chicken That Cuts the Mustard

Mid-week Menu: Maple Chicken That Cuts the Mustard

It’s not easy planning weeknight dinners in our gladly gluten free house…or in anyone’s household for that matter. There is an art to coming up with something that is fast, tasty, not too bad for you, while successfully using what you have on-hand in your fridge or pantry. I’m usually thinking about what to throw together for dinner on my commute home, searching for fast and easy recipes at stoplights….even once talking my 7-year old son through defrosting shrimp over the phone in an effort to shave some time off dinner prep.

My friend suggested trying a Maple Mustard Chicken recipe from Cooking Light for an easy weeknight menu. Let me tell you, this recipe definitely cuts the mustard. It is gluten free, dairy free, and lower in fat and calories while still very tasty. It can be pulled together relatively quickly, using ingredients that are readily available in most everyone’s kitchen – chicken breasts (or thighs), maple syrup, ground mustard, chicken broth, and garlic. Make sure the chicken broth you use is gluten free. Pacific Foods, Swanson’s Natural Goodness, Rachael Ray, and Kitchen Basics are a few brands that are gluten free.

This recipe also gave me a good excuse to try two homegrown goodies: homemade maple syrup I purchased from a local farmer (taken right from maple trees here in Cary, IL), and a head of fragrant garlic I picked up from a roadside vegetable stand while on a weekend bike ride. My bike sack was brimming with zucchini, kale, pea pods, and garlic after that surprise sag stop.

I served the Maple Mustard Chicken with red quinoa, changing it up a bit from the traditional beige hued quinoa, and roasted asparagus for a veg. The quinoa and asparagus can be prepared while the chicken is cooking in the oven.


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