Miley's Misstep and More...News n' Nibbles Monday

I’ve decided to get my rear in gear and post some regular features here at Gladly Gluten Free every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I am kicking off today with “News n’ Nibbles Monday”, featuring news in the world of gluten free living and celiac disease, as well as anything delicious I happened to come across over the weekend. On Wednesdays, I will post “Midweek Menus”. Whether it is an easy after-work dinner I’ve enjoyed with my family, a simple salad, or a yummy gluten free/dairy free dessert, I’ll share it here. While Mondays and Wednesdays’ posts will focus on living gluten free, Fridays’ posts will focus on living gladly. “DIY Fridays” will feature do-it-yourself crafts and simple ideas to help you live gladly, brighten your home, and your life.

Nourished Food Bloggers Conference and Gluten/Allergen Free Expo

Chicago was a great place to be gluten free this past weekend. I had the opportunity to attend Nourished, the first annual food bloggers conference for special diets, held right here at the Westin-Lombard on Friday, April 13th. This conference, coordinated by Jen Cafferty and Amy Green, featured pioneers in allergen free living, including keynote speaker Cybele Pascal, along with bloggers from all over the country sharing their advice and expertise. Conference sessions covered topics ranging from site branding and leveraging social media, to perfecting gluten free baking and enhancing food photography and styling. I intend to put many of the tips and advice into action on this site. The Gluten and Allergen Free Expo took over the Westin-Lombard for the duration of the weekend, featuring top gluten free food manufacturers and their newest products. No one left hungry with free samples available at each vendor’s table.

Spring Flours University of Chicago Fundraiser

This coming Friday, April 20th, the University of Chicago Celiac Research Center will be hosting its annual Spring Flours fundraising event. There will be a cocktail reception, live auction, music, and gluten free tasting stations from 27 Chicagoland area bakeries and restaurants. Tickets are on sale through Wednesday for $175 per person. Come out and support a great cause – curing celiac disease!

Miley Cyrus’s Gluten Free Tweets

There is always room for a little celebrity gossip. Joining the growing list of celebrities and public figures eating gluten free (Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Emmy Rossum, Zooey Deschanel,  Novak Djokovic, Drew Brees, Chelsea Clinton) is Miley Cyrus. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, when questioned about her recent weight loss, she recently tweeted: “For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!”  and later suggested that everyone should try eliminating gluten for a week. She fell under harsh criticism by dieticians and health specialists who cautioned that only those with gluten-related disorders need go gluten free. As we celiacs know, it is a highly restrictive diet that can make it challenging to get the required daily nutrients such as fiber, B vitamins, and iron.

Nibbles: Rose’s Wheat Free Pita Bread

Have you tried Rose’s Wheat Free pita bread yet? We are pretty much an Udi’s family here for our daily sandwich bread for school lunches, but I decided to switch things up this week and try pita sandwiches for a change. My son’s race car lunch box is packed with a ham and cheese pita today, and I am enjoying my pita slathered with Sabra Spinach & Artichoke hummus (all Sabra products are gluten free), some chopped cucumber, spring greens, and grilled chicken. Yum! The pita breads are gluten free and dairy free. They are sold in packages of 6 at various Chicagoland locations, including Whole Foods, in the frozen specialty breads section. I suggest warming them up for 10-15 seconds in the microwave to soften them. Rose’s also sells sandwich breads, rolls, hot dog buns, and a variety of gluten free baked goods. I’ve personally enjoyed their sandwich breads too and they are delish!

What gluten free goodie have you nibbled on recently? Happy Monday.


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