Gluten Free Ryan Gosling and Gwyneth....News N' Nibbles Monday

Well, the weekend is over and Monday is here again. What’s new in the world of living gluten free you ask? Let me tell you.

The Collegiate Celiac

For better or worse, keg parties and late night pizza deliveries are ubiquitous on most college campuses. For college students with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, partaking in a pizza slice or solo cup full of beer at a frat party spell serious trouble. Where is a college student to turn for help and advice on living gluten free? The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has partnered with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods to produce Great U: A Gluten Free Guide to College Living. Great U is an interactive publication filled with simple recipes, tips for navigating the dormitory cafeteria, and inspiring stories from fellow college students living with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities.

There’s a Gluten Free App for That

The Internet has become such an important resource for me when researching gluten free products, recipes, and allergen friendly restaurants. I regularly rely upon product manufacturers’ websites, fellow bloggers, and Yelp for information. With the proliferation of iPhone apps, there are now tools for iPhone and Android that can help make living gluten free a little easier. Here are a few apps available for download:

  • Urbanspoon: Features a Gluten Free Friendly search option


  • GlutenLess Dining: Provides a listing of hundreds of chain restaurants across the country with menu items that can be made gluten free
  • Disney World Magic Guide: Not only did this provide me with near real-time wait times for Disney rides during our last Disney vacation, but also a listing of restaurants throughout all of the Disney theme parks, complete with menu options that can accommodate allergies.

Gwyneth’s GOOP Eliminates the Gluten

I almost feel a personal connection to Gwenyth Paltrow now that we not only share our love of Coldplay but our body’s aversion to gluten and dairy. This past week, Gwyneth announced on GOOP, her lifestyle blog, that she has several food sensitivities including dairy, wheat, and gluten. Within her GOOP newsletter, she includes several ideas for gluten and dairy free breakfasts such as smoothies and veggie omelets.


This past weekend was our much anticipated and long overdue girls’ night in the city. How did we celebrate a night sans hubbies and responsibilities of home? With some champagne, yummy food, and Ryan Gosling, of course. I’ve been enjoying the gluten free Ryan Gosling memes out there, thanks to Real Food Ryan Gosling, Gluten Free Ryan Gosling, and The Liberated Kitchen.

Between admiring Gosling and Clooney, there honestly wasn’t much time to eat. We did, however, enjoy some SkinnyPop popcorn, artichoke dip with pita wedges, and a hearty southwestern chicken salad. The dip recipe, courtesy of Tracy and Katie’s Kitchen, was surprisingly creamy from the mayonnaise and dairy free cream cheese. No one could believe it was gluten and dairy free. Paired with Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery’s pita bread, featured on last week’s News N’ Nibbles, it disappeared fast.

Have a great week. Live gladly and gluten free!

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