Enjoy Dinner and Drinks at Wildfire's Gluten Free Dinner Week

Enjoy Dinner and Drinks at Wildfire's Gluten Free Dinner Week

Rather than exchange birthday gifts, my husband and I celebrate our birthdays each year by enjoying  an evening out with dinner and drinks. We’ve had some great dining experiences over the years and have not let my dietary restrictions hamper our ability to get out, celebrate and enjoy good food – we just have to do little more pre-planning. The past two years, I’ve enjoyed delicious gluten free and dairy free birthday meals at Adobo Grill and Bonefish Grill. This year, we are celebrating at Wildfire and taking part in their 2nd annual Gluten Free Dinner Week. How did Wildfire know it is my birthday this week?

Starting tomorrow, November 7th through Friday, November 11th, each Chicagoland Wildfire location will be offering a four-course gluten free dinner with optional wine pairings. For each reservation, Wildfire will donate a portion of the proceeds to The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. Wildfire’s Eden Prairie, Minnesota location will also be featuring a Fall Gluten Free dinner on November 10th.

I spoke with Laura Rosen, Sales and Marketing Manager for Wildfire, a bit about how Wildfire’s Gluten Free Week got started. Wildfire is no stranger to accommodating dietary restrictions and first became aware of celiac disease and preparing gluten free meals back in 2004. A friend of the Howard Katz, President of Wildfire, had a daughter with celiac disease and was looking for a way they could go out to dinner as a family.

Two years ago, Wildfire decided to offer a gluten free dinner at their Glenview location and received an overwhelmingly positive response with over 80 people in attendance. This year, they expanded the offering to each of their Chicagoland locations and partnered with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods. Udi’s gluten free whole grain bread will be featured in a bruchetta starter course. You can visit Wildfire Executive Chef Partner Joe Decker’s blog for more details on the custom menu created for this week.

Seating is limited for this week’s special dinner, so contact Laura Rosen or Shannon Ryan at (312) 787-9000 for reservations. If you are not able to dine there this week, don’t fret. Wildfire offers a dedicated gluten free menu year-round and now makes all of their own gluten-free buns, pizza crust and chocolate chip cookies in-house.

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