Sun Smarts: Gluten Free Sunscreen Products (Updated)

Sun Smarts: Gluten Free Sunscreen Products (Updated)

‘Tis the season for water sports, outdoor activities, and enjoying every moment of warmth that the sun can bring to Chicagoland. Vitamin D is a good thing for our bodies but with skin cancer on the rise, specifically among younger women ages 15 – 29, practicing safe sun exposure is a must.

For those of us with celiac disease, checking
ingredients on anything we put into our mouths or slather on our bodies
is also a must. While applying a product containing gluten to the skin
will not trigger the classic immune response to the intestines that is
celiac disease, it is possible to accidentally ingest trace amounts
(think applying lotion to hands and then grabbing a few snacks from the
snack bowl). Those with gluten intolerance, gluten allergies, or
dermatitis herpetiformis may experience rash or more severe symptoms
simply by using skin products containing gluten.

Luckily, many of the common brands of sunscreen on the market are free from gluten ingredients. Always read labels carefully and contact the
manufacturer directly if you have questions, but here are a few good
brands to start your sun-safe summer off right.

  • Coppertone (all products, includes Coppertone Sport line and Water Babies)
  • Neutrogena (certain sunscreens – Spectrum+, Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF, Healthy Defense Moisturizer with SPF) Note: Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch line and Pure and Free Baby products contain Oat Kernel Extract.
  • Banana Boat (sunscreen products only, includes Banana Boat Kids) – no gluten ingredients
    but cannot guarantee that these are produced on gluten free line
  • Blue Lizard


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    Neutrogena is not completely gluten free. I bought the pure and free baby mineral sunblock and it has oats in it. Resulted in a terrible rash for my gluten intolerant boy :(

  • In reply to Melissa Corbett:

    Thanks for the information, Melissa! I'm so sorry to hear that your son had a reaction. I personally use the Oil Free Moisture Lotion with SPF15 as well as their Spectrum+ sunscreen. I have also used their Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreens in the past, but now see that product line lists Oat Kernel Extract as an ingredient. My son, who is also gluten free, uses both Coppertone Water Babies and Banana Boat kids without any problem.

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