Gluten Free Pizza offered at the Taste of Chicago

It’s here. Starting today through July 3rd, you can experience the tastes, smells, and interesting sights that are The Taste of Chicago in Grant Park. With 59 restaurants offering items from their menus, it can be a diner’s paradise. For those with celiac disease or a food intolerance, it can be quite a different story. Most fried items are coated in wheat flour, sauces can have hidden gluten, and how fun is a Chicago style hot dog without a bun? Restaurants are becoming more allergen aware, but gluten free choices have traditionally been extremely limited at The Taste.

This year however, Connie’s Pizza is offering a 10-inch gluten free pizza as well as a gluten free pizza slice from their “Taste Of” menu. Connie’s will be offering their traditional deep dish pizza slices, as well as a meatball sandwich and frozen banana.

It is always wise to exercise caution and ask questions about all ingredients before sampling food, but here are some additional booths to investigate for gluten free friendly fare:

Adobo Grill: Adobo grill will be offering chicken tamales, guacamole with chips and pork tacos. Adobo “gets it” when it comes to gluten intolerance and have a dedicated gluten free menu at their restaurant, so these may be a safe bet. Confirm with servers at their booth though.

C’est si Bon!: They are offering a fresh fruit cup in their “Taste of” menu.

Dominick’s: Take your pick of fresh grapes, watermelon slices, pineapple bites, cherries and corn on the cob. The corn is dipped in butter.

Franco’s Ristorante: Franco’s is offering a variety of italian ice (lemon, watermelon, blue raspberry) and fruit sorbets. Italian ice and sorbet are typically gluten free, with the only consideration being “natural flavors” that can have hidden gluten.

The Fudge Pot: The Fudge Pot is offering, you guessed it, all things chocolate. Depending upon what is added, chocolate could be a gluten free option especially when topping fruit.

La Justicia: Steak tacos (if made with corn tortillas) could be an option, depending upon seasonings used.

Ryba’s Fudge Shop: Chocolate covered strawberries may be a friendly option here.

Starfruit Cafe: All Starfruit Cafe’s frozen Kefir treats, with the exception of Green Kefir, without any additional toppings are gluten free. In addition, these treats are 99% lactose free for those with lactose intolerance. Be sure to check toppings offered at the booth for any possible gluten ingredients.

Texas de Brazil: A variety of meats and a quinoa salad are on the menu at The Taste for Texas de Brazil. Fresh meats are usually gluten free as is quinoa, but be sure to ask about any seasonings used and additional ingredients in the salad.

Vee Vee’s African Restaurant: The menu options here sound delicious and include fried plantains, sauteed goat, jerk chicken, and red beans and rice. Red beans and rice are typically a safe bet and possibly jerk chicken, depending upon seasonings used.

Happy Eating!


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