Against the Grain - A Sampling of Great Gluten Free Breads

Is good gluten free bread an oxymoron? I used to think so. I can recall
bringing home loaves of gluten free bread from the grocery store that
literally made a “thud” noise when dropped on my kitchen counter. Bread
shouldn’t do that. I can also recall trying to make a sandwich with two
pieces of gluten free bread, only to have them collapse into two useless
piles of crumbs. I must say that I have come across some really good
tasting breads, english muffins, and bagels lately that rival gluten
containing breads. Look for whole grain varieties, and you can boost
your fiber intake a bit too. Below are a few of my favorites.

I’ve jumped on the Udi’s bandwagon. Their white and whole grain sandwich
bread is fabulous. It toasts very well, holds up to sandwich fixins’,
and tastes delicious. Their bagels are monstrous and my son’s favorite.
Check on their website for a $1.00 off coupon because a small loaf is
usually over $5.

Deerfield’s Bakery
Available online through their bakery website, in Whole Foods Markets
throughout Chicagoland, and in some specialty stores (All Ways Healthy
in Lake Zurich carries the baguettes), the Deerfield’s rice bran mini
baguettes and dinner rolls are the chewiest, most delectable gluten free
breads I’ve tasted. A real treat.

Tapioca Rice New York Style Plain Bagels are a morning favorite in our
house, but Kinnikinnick makes a variety of breads and bagels that are
chewy and great when warmed or toasted.

Enjoy Life
Placing one of their Classic Original Bagels next to an Udi’s bagel is
almost comical. It is half the size with the same amount of calories.
This bagel is a little powerhouse though. It is very dense, has a slight
sweetness to it, and is loaded with nutrients. It is very good warmed
up with peanut butter slathered on top.

Food for Life
The Brown Rice English Muffins are the perfect housing for eggs as a
breakfast sandwich or lunchtime snack. They toast up well and are a good
source of fiber (4 grams for the whole muffin). The White Rice and
Brown Rice breads are dense but yummy too.

Located throughout Chicagoland, Breadsmith’s bakery makes gluten
containing breads and pastries, as well as gluten free breads and
muffins on certain days of the week. You can buy them and then freeze
for later use, but be sure to call ahead to place your gluten free
order. I’ve tried several of their gluten free breads, along with their
pizza crusts, muffins, and cookies (the cookies contain dairy). There is a
sweetness to their baked goods which makes them great as a dessert
bread, in french toast, or topped with sweet spreads such as peanut
butter and jelly.


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    Loved your bread recommendations. I would also add that Schwan's home delivery has GREAT gluten free, white bread. I keep it frozen at all times --as I do all my GF bread. GF breads seem to go bad quickly otherwise and since they are costly, that's not a good thing.
    Schwan's now carries several GF items and they are well marked in their catalogs and on-line (they actually have an entire GF section). Like you, I also have a dairy issue, which for me, is much worse than my gluten issue. It's MUCH more diffucult to find items that are GF AND DF!

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