The Futuristic Concept GMC Boulder

I don’t know about anyone else-although early orders of the new Hummer EV edition may be a predictor, but I am glad to witness the return of the Hummer. I always wanted one but couldn’t quite bring myself to pull the plug. I had the pleasure of driving all 3 versions in the press fleet. In just hours, the new electric edition Hummer EV has sparked a lot of interest. Starting at $112,595, this new iteration doesn’t come cheap. gmc-boulder-render-3

Hummer H1, the first vehicle in the Hummer range was based on the Humvee. Released in 1992, it was designed by American Motors’ AM General subsidiary for the U.S. Military. Hummer H1, H2 and H3 sold for several years before GMC pulled the plug.gmc-boulder-render-7-300x163

Now the GMC Boulder has arrived. Well, at least the idea of such a vehicle.. It appears we may have the promise of a “Hummer Jr,” in the Boulder. Created by Ryan Schlotthauer, a Transportation Design student in Detroit, the Boulder is an electric off-roader designed to look somewhat like the new Bronco and two-door Wrangler.

According to Schlotthauer, he always tries to design a blend of aesthetics with functionality, challenging how people can use vehicles. Using an electric platform, he notes, “allowed him to use a unique graphic breakup of the vehicle.”gmc-boulder-render-8

A very unusual trunk, covered with a green acrylic acting as sunglasses, allows the driver to look directly into it. The Boulder is smaller than the Bronco and built for two. Storage is maximized with attachments, and the vehicle is built for escaping everyday life!

GMC’s aim: To stand out as a “premium off-road brand.” The interior is built more like an off-road vehicle than one that is conventional. For instance, there is not a transmission tunnel.

And, there will be lot of space next to and ahead of the driver. The concept’s interior feels spacious despite it’s small size. It’s boxy design, says the designer, gives it a “bit of a Suzuki Jimny vibe.” It may be small, notes GMC, but it is capable.

There is much that will appeal to those off-roaders if the Boulder becomes a reality. It’s futuristic look reminds one of the space Rover. Be sure to watch its progress as it takes aim at the new, long-awaited Ford Bronco.

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