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I voted! Wherever you stand, please vote

I voted yesterday! In Will County, IL (county seat is Joliet), ballots were mailed on Thursday. I received mine on Friday and deposited the completed ballot at the local library in a box installed by the county clerk and monitored by security camera. We have been provided electronic security codes to track our ballots. A... Read more »

The perfect song for these times

My husband Wayne woke up with just the right song for today, which is pretty remarkable considering that we haven’t heard this song for decades. Remember “If We Only Have Love” from Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well? The song was written by Jacques Brel (obviously) in French, with English lyrics by Eric Blau and... Read more »

John Kasich will be elected Prez in 2020

No way will Trump be re-elected. First, he may well resign before the end of his term as his popularity continues to drop and his legal issues intensify. In other words, he may follow the lead of Richard Nixon, although Trump makes Nixon look like a senior statesman and a real mensch in comparison. Second,... Read more »

Hire Me: The best freelance marketing I’ve seen in years

Not only is this new idea the best, it’s also the cheapest. Essentially it is free. Here it is: Afix a marketing message to the outside lid of your laptop and use the open laptop wherever potential clients hang out. In this case, web coders Sean Crowe and Thomas Gorczynski of Hacksmith Labs attached large... Read more »

My email to U.S. Congressman Bill Foster re Nancy Pelosi

NOTE: I sent the following email to my Congressman, Bill Foster, this morning. He is among the 16 who have signed a statement that they will oppose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker RE: I volunteered in your campaign & I’m a constituent & I am disgusted with your stance on Pelosi I worked in your office... Read more »

I love Nancy Pelosi. Don’t you?

I see that lots of people seem to hate Nancy Pelosi, almost as many as hate Donald Trump. I don’t see anything to hate, especially among Democrats who don’t have fundamental political differences with her. They say that she’s old and should make way for younger leaders. As a person who is myself old, I... Read more »

Kavanaugh process proves one thing: Sex sells

Currently there is only one topic in the news: the status of the Kavanaugh confirmation. And there is only one thing that this coverage has proven: Sex sells. We are all more interested in Kavanaugh’s sex life 30+ years ago than we are in what kind of Supreme Court judge he would be. I’m as... Read more »

Why is mental healthcare miraculous for everyone but me?

Right wingers say we don’t need gun control, just more mental health services. How come counseling and meds immediately head off violence but took years to kick in on my milder issues? I’m kinda bummed out at the moment. That’s not unusual. I’m kinda bummed out much of the time. I’ve had years of psychotherapy and coaching. I’ve tried Zoloft, which is my family antidepressant of choice. The therapy has helped immeasurably but I don’t have a smug confidence that I’m cured, whatever that means. Antidepressants don’t help me much. They make my mouth dry but facts are facts. Life can be just as difficult as ever.

My mental health status

I am blessed. I am not violent or suicidal. I have never been housebound/bedbound depressed. I have taken only two “mental health days” in my life and both related to boyfriend issues decades ago. I have the capacity to work and to love, which is Freud’s definition of mental health. I’m a Jewish neurotic. Like Woody Allen but without allegations of sexual perversion. Also without his level of artistic and commercial success. Actually, this post may come off as insensitive, since I may be making light of mental health issues that torment other people much more intensely. If so, I apologize.

Mental healthcare is society’s magic bullet

Apparently right wingers believe we don’t need gun control. Instead, we need more attention to mental healthcare in this country to prevent mass shootings. Get all those psychiatrists and psychologists and social workers on it and we’ll all be safe. This is an interesting approach, given that mental health is damn expensive and is only covered sufficiently in the very best health insurance policies. Could it be that the NRA cares about people and their mental wellbeing much more than I would have guessed? I am deeply touched. Just thinking this thought cheers me up. How do the Republicans propose we pay for all this diagnosis, counseling, meds, residential treatment, and such? Interesting question. I’m sure they’re working on it. They’ll report something out of committee soon. Now back to my original question:

How come mental healthcare is miraculous for everyone but me?

In my strictly personal experience, it took me years not to sob dramatically when a date who said he would call me about Saturday night never followed through or when my mother made a passive-aggressive comment. But now our political leadership say that mental health professionals can prevent mass killings if only they receive a heads-up before the first shot rings out. How does that work? Is there a better pill out there that I don’t know about? A magic observation in counseling that instantly calms the troubled mind? The only guaranteed solution that I can conceive of is to lock up every potentially violent youth in an institution until he is deemed cured. This may take years or even their lifetimes. Is this really what the far right has in mind? I have to admit, they really think big. Type your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Cher had 17 bathrooms and why I care

The Wall Street Journal reports that Cher’s old house is on the market again. It has 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. Plus it has a four-bedroom guesthouse, which, I assume, has at least two bathrooms, maybe more. Maybe more than four if her ratios hold steady. Cher lived there in the eighties and sold it... Read more »

Easy-peasy resolutions

The main reason people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions for a year is that they had no intention of sticking to them in the first place. We know damn well we’ll eat pizza and birthday cake by January 8, if not by January 2. So let’s drop the charade—and save ourselves the... Read more »