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How to succeed as a U.S. freelance writer today

I’ve been a freelance business writer since 1992 (with some regular jobs simultaneously). During that time I’ve experienced substantial success but not the level of financial achievement that many other writers boast of. To put it differently, I know how to market my services and can implement my proven methods consistently to generate lucrative assignments... Read more »

Crappy freelance advice: Live networking is the best way to market

More than a decade ago, my work life was in a sad state. I was a single mother, newly unemployed and desperate for income. It didn’t matter if it was freelance writing or a full-time job. Plus I was distraught over jobs from which I had been terminated, no reason provided. A friend told me... Read more »

Crappy freelance advice: Get paid what you are worth

My fundamental belief is that all of us human beings have the same value. This means I have the same value as Mother Teresa and Kim Kardashian. Since neither posts her freelance writing rates, I am at sea in trying to determine my fees. Making it even more complicated, affixing a dollar amount to human... Read more »

How to ID the best prospects for your freelance business writing

For freelance copywriters serving businesses, our best prospects are the companies or solo professionals that already have great copy. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Marketing is supposed to be about problem solving. So we look for a prospect who has a problem we can solve, right? And if we are writers, the problem we want to solve... Read more »

Bad advice and better advice on freelance rates

Most of my freelance writing has been in the insurance and asset management / mutual funds industries, so when I had the opportunity to write copy for a state university, I had no idea what to charge. Therefore, I posed the question to an online freelance writing group: What is the market rate in the... Read more »

Freelancing and the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

A reader of my past work on how to market freelance services commented that she was tuning to freelance because it is a better match with her HSP state of mind. She motivated me to take another look at Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person by Barrie Jaeger, Ph.D. (The Highly Sensitive Person... Read more »

Freelancers on the rise

What this means for boomers Freelancers Union and Upwork recently released the findings of their fourth annual study on Freelancing in America, and the big news is that freelancers will be in the majority in a mere ten years. Already 57.3 million Americans freelance for their full financial support, or at least part. The highest... Read more »