I was born in Canton, Ohio, in 1951 and had a traditional upbringing. Then the modern feminist movement trickled down to Ohio in about 1973 and upended the life outlook that had been foisted on me. I’m still adapting and growing as an aging, Jewish woman in America.

I am also deeply interested in freelancing and employment in retirement (an oxymoron, obviously). In the internet age, it’s easy to spend more money on developing your own business than you can earn back. I want to help people avoid this pitfall. Personally, I am phasing down my freelancing and going in new directions (including this blog).

I have been blogging about marketing freelance services at StandUp8Times.com since January 2009. My flagship book is Real Skills, Real Income: A Proven Marketing System to Land Well-Paid Freelance and Consulting Work in 30 Days or Less. (It's available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle ebook.)


I live in Bolingbrook (it’s near Naperville) with my husband. Between us we have six children, three boys and three girls. Just like the Brady Bunch but without Alice.

I love to hear from readers. Please comment!

(Or email me at dianalink@netzero.com.)


-Diana Schneidman