Joe Biden: Yes! to Elderly Leadership

Seniors lately are more likely to be scrutinized for any deterioration than recognized for their strengths.

Yes, Kamala Harris is the first Vice President representing several demographics, but President-Elect Biden is a sterling example of what older people can bring to the world.

Both leading candidates are in their seventies. The difference is that Biden has matured over the years. He brings more to the table than he would have in decades past.

In contrast, Trump brings notable personal weaknesses that he has not corrected.

Celebrating some of the personal challenges Joe Biden has faced and overcome

For starters, a lisp. It was a major problem in his youth, but he has managed it throughout his political career. Trump tried to trigger Biden’s stuttering in the debates and show Biden as mentally impaired Ridiculous. Stuttering is a speech problem, not an IQ problem.

A temper. They say Biden has a temper. Maybe so, but he manages it. While Trump goes off on wild tirades, Biden has achieved self-control.

Who can forget how Trump tried to set off Biden on the subject of Hunter? Biden turned the situation into a strength by identifying with families facing addiction problems. There are no signs that Trump’s relationships with his children are warmer, more supportive, more honest or more successful.

Too old and tired. No signs that he is too “sleepy” even though he doesn’t tweet at 3 am like his opponent. Biden knows how to maximize the energy he has. Trump needs more energy because he constantly hires and fires. Biden chooses people he trusts and lets them work

Moreover, Biden manages his time well. It appeared he spent a lot more time on debate preparation while Trump was content to speak off the cuff.

At the same time, Biden was working on transition plans, which is way beyond Trump’s temperament. What kind of political party has no platform beyond its candidate’s as yet undefined ideas? Egads!!

May we all age as well as President-Elect Biden

To be elected President is an honor but it is also a personal sacrifice. Anyone positioned to win the nomination and go on to victory can find other ways to make a fine living with personal privacy and independence.

Joe Biden accepted that running for President entails personal sacrifice. The next four years dramatically constrain his lifestyle.

Donald Trump also sees himself as making a sacrifice that the public doesn’t appreciate. He also seeks to benefit financially and legally far in excess of any sacrifice.

President-elect Biden has aged well in terms of character. May we all follow his example and face life’s challenges as opportunities for personal growth and greater service to all. And may he continue to serve as an example of the value of older people.


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