I voted! Wherever you stand, please vote

I voted yesterday! In Will County, IL (county seat is Joliet), ballots were mailed on Thursday. I received mine on Friday and deposited the completed ballot at the local library in a box installed by the county clerk and monitored by security camera. We have been provided electronic security codes to track our ballots.


A traditional story is told of the man who murdered both his parents and then begged the judge for leniency because he was an orphan.

That’s Trump. Trump is trying everything he can think of to undermine the election and then plead for the courts to re-elect him.

His primary reason—by far—for pushing through his Supreme Court nomination is to assure that the Court favors him as an individual and keeps him in the Oval Office. There is no reason to believe that he cares about any moral or societal issue from any perspective at all (as he has so richly demonstrated in his own life).

I believe that in-person voting on November 3 will be a disaster.

Right-wingers will be on hand without masks to intimidate people who wear masks and practice six-foot safety. They will claim some kind of right to get as close to others as they wish and challenge the system if they are evicted from lines. There is also the prospect of armed vigilantes “helping” the police.

There may not be enough polls open with enough staffing to accommodate the lines, in part because many potential poll workers will avoid virus exposure. (See previous paragraph.)

I chose not to vote by mail because I do not trust the post office. I have no doubts about the vast majority of postal workers, but Trump has already demonstrated that he will corrupt the system to his advantage. One possibility is to ban overtime pay to stall the mail and there are other possibilities as well.

Trump always has another surprise up his sleeve, but actually there are no surprises with him. It is what it is.

The real surprises are from the Republican Party, which very much wants to stay in control when they essentially have no issues (see the Republican non-platform).

Wherever you stand, please vote.

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