How Trump will lose 2020 Republican nomination

Dems and Indies will cross party lines to vote against Trump in Repub primary. #DumpTrump

On November 6, 2018, the nation held a referendum on Donald Trump as President of the United States. He lost.

The only national vote that has been held during his nearly two first years in office was for the House of Representatives. The Democrats took control of the House. (The Republicans still hold the Senate but only a third of the seats were up for a vote in 2018.)

John Kasich, Republican from Ohio, continues his unannounced campaign for the presidency. He’s unique in his opposition to Trump.

In an informal, small way I’ve run Kasich’s candidacy by various acquaintances and I always get the same response: Well, at least he’s normal.

America wants a “normal” president.

Top priority for many people coming into the 2020 campaign is a normal president. I predict Democrats, Independents, and classic Republicans who detest Trump will vote in the Republican primary specifically to ensure the next president is not DJT.

Does this mean we’ll have a Republican prez in 2020?

Many of those crossovers will vote Democratic in the general election. However, if the Democratic nominee runs on a platform of four years of free college for all, followed by a lifetime of monthly checks so that not-old, healthy people never have to work, then yes, the Republican can win. (That’s my opinion as a moderate Dem.)

Let’s consider some crazy implications of a crossover primary

First, the Trump base will be pissed as all get out. They are not getting the respect they feel they deserve. Boo hoo hoo. (I’m not saying typical Trump supporters are violent, but I’m suggesting that the crazies will become more unhinged.)

Second, Dems will be giving up their opportunity to vote in the primary for the Democratic candidate they prefer. Therefore, the Dem winner may not be at all representative of the Democratic electorate as a whole.

Third, managing an election campaign for either party will be a screwy endeavor for years to come. Making phone calls and delivering yard signs for a candidate is largely a pleasant experience for volunteers because parties use government-maintained databases to isolate supporters who vote a party ballot in the primaries and reach out only to those people. If lots of people cross over, that primary’s party declarations will be almost useless in managing campaigns.

This will be interesting.


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