Let’s adopt this nickname for Trump

On April 16, someone on “On Point” (NPR radio out of WBUR Boston) referred to Donald Trump as “The Occupant.”


It recognizes him as president of the United States of America without placing him on a pedestal he doesn’t merit.

“Trump” in itself is OK, but The Occupant acknowledges that he is president without actually linking the title with his name.

After all, the meanest thing you can do to a narcissist is use his name less by choosing another label instead.

Furthermore, a friend notes that The Occupant occupies much more than just the White House. He occupies too much of our thoughts, emotions, news and attention.

I wish I could claim the idea for my own but I see it’s already in light usage on Twitter (#TheOccupant).

Give it a try. I think it feels right.

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