I love Nancy Pelosi. Don’t you?

I see that lots of people seem to hate Nancy Pelosi, almost as many as hate Donald Trump.

I don’t see anything to hate, especially among Democrats who don’t have fundamental political differences with her.

They say that she’s old and should make way for younger leaders. As a person who is myself old, I find this offensive. The election saw first-time achievements among Democrats for many, many demographic traits, but apparently it’s OK to openly get down on older people.

I can see why Republicans hate her

It’s because she is doing a great job. She is a pro at fund raising, which in the past few years has been the most important thing a politician can do. Unfortunately, fund-raising season never ends.

She understands the legislative process. She’s been in office for years with no scandals. She’s a happy grandma, yet functioning as a strong woman independent of her husband.

In contrast, the Republicans have performed poorly from a legislative perspective, which is a direct reflection on their leadership. They dominated both the Senate and the House as well as the presidency, yet they couldn’t develop a healthcare approach more effective than Obama’s. (Remember when Trump said during his Presidential campaign that we were going to have wonderful health insurance without specifying what he had in mind?)

Why do the Dem Representatives have issues?

It’s not clear what the issues are. There’s a lot of talk about selecting someone else as Speaker of the House, but inadequate explanations as to exactly what is wrong with her.

Actually, they are starting to sound like Donald Trump, who can tear his opponents a new one without pinpointing a serious flaw.

What is great about Pelosi is that she has offered to step aside early and let new leadership emerge.

The smart Representatives, especially those who are brand-new to Congress, will recognize that rather than spend their first weeks post-election in ducking questions about who they will vote for as Speaker and pounding away at it behind the scenes, they should spend their time and energy in more fruitful pursuits.

These include finagling for the committee appointments they want, getting up to speed on the issues and the legislative process, and the necessary but more tedious details, such as moving to Washington and setting up their offices.

Also smart: learning from Pelosi and accessing her Rolodex. Latch on to her as a mentor extraordinaire.

What’s the problem with Pelosi?

I see only one aspect of NP that is objectionable to the public: She is female.

Women shouldn’t be unfeminine and aggressive. Check. She is a fascinating balance of femininity and assertiveness.

Leaders should lead. Check. She gets the job done, especially considering that minority leader must be the most frustrating job in D.C.

No one articulates what they dislike about her, just some visceral detesting. It’s similar to how they feel about Hillary Clinton and even Elizabeth Warren to some extent, which is interesting since the three have very different images.

Well it so happens I don’t find Mitch McConnell appealing from either a personal or a political perspective. I’m sure you don’t care about how people “like” him, nor does anyone else.

I hope the Dems can get it together and get going on a productive path in the House.


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