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Dream big, talented Girlboss star, Ellie Reed!

Dream big, talented Girlboss star, Ellie Reed!
There’s been a lot of positive reviews of my niece, Ellie Reed’s (“Ellie”) starring role in Netflix’s new comedy, Girlboss. I admit to reading a couple, but for the most part, I did not want my impressions of Ellie to be colored by others. Ok. I’m the proud aunt, so you can guess how I... Read more »

Mitigating the pressures we put on students

Another Blogapalooz night. We get an hour to respond to this prompt: write about a time you told a lie. I don’t know if this is technically a lie. I love telling stories. I also love breaking rules that don’t make any sense. I broke some rules in my role as a gifted resource teacher.... Read more »

The Midwest is in a deep freeze; is climate change the culprit?

I had a hunch.  When Al Roker said think of the polar vortex like a hurricane, I thought the extreme weather that the Midwest is currently having must be linked to climate change.  I’m not an expert in the field, but I’ve spent years teaching about the topic because it’s one of the most challenging... Read more »

Historic Moments are Teachable Moments: Analyze the Mandela Legacy

The world is watching and waiting for Nelson Mandela to pass. But why? Can’t we respect how South Africans and the Mandela family deal with death? Apparently not. According to today’s Chicago Tribune, foreign journalists are breaching family boundaries. As Mandela’s daughter reported, “it’s truly like vultures waiting when the lion has devoured the buffalo,... Read more »

Let Spring Breakers Rule

Technically, Stern’s on Spring Break. Took one flight to Mexico. Brought five friends. Rented a beach apartment, Unpacked. And now CHILLING, Stern style. Chilling. Relaxing. The importance of taking a break. That’s the subject of this blog.  Much has been said about gifted and talented children and their inability to relax. “My child can’t shut... Read more »

Read Our Lips: Children’s Books have a Lasting Legacy

Inspiration came knocking at my door last week. It came during one of Dr. Susannah Richard’s sessions at the IAGC Gifted Convention. And it hit hard. There stood Richards talking about the value of children’s books and holding up a collection of stories, references, and commentary compiled in Everything I need to Know I Learned... Read more »

Obama Inaugural Address pays homage to King’s rhetoric in form and in substance

President Obama shared the limelight with Dr. King yesterday.  King, a man President Obama has called his North Star, a man he described as having  “prophetic eloquence,” left his imprint on the Inaugural address and the festivities.   Mason, Julie, Politico, MLK’s dream in view, activists at a distance, 10/14/11, www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65936.html Reread the Inaugural address (“Address”). ... Read more »

When schooling works, “there’s no place like school!”

Pretend I’m Dorothy.  I’m wearing my red shoes and I’ve closed my eyes and tapped my heels together three times and said, “There’s no place like school.”  But something’s awry.  I’m Stern; it’s 2013 and many of our schools are not where we hoped they would be. So, this year, I’m wishing all students academic... Read more »