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Almost A 7 Year Record, Chicago Area's Home Price Gains No Match For Rest Of Country

That shortage of homes for sale is really beginning to impact home prices – as you would expect. The graph below shows the historic year over year increases for both single family home and condo prices in the Chicago area and you can see how they’ve really taken off recently. S&P Dow Jones released their... Read more »

Chicago Foreclosure Activity Slowly Drifting Up But Remains Low

Here’s just a quick update on Chicago foreclosure activity. Remember that, for all practical purposes, we are in the middle of an indefinite moratorium on foreclosures. It keeps getting extended because of all the people left unemployed from the pandemic. So it’s no surprise that every month the answer is pretty much the same, though... Read more »

Chicago Real Estate Market Update: Sales Up Again, Inventory Ridiculously Low

Hmmm. After looking at the February data I’m thinking that maybe the Chicago real estate market really is doing something more than simply making up for the lost activity during the initial lockdown when the pandemic first hit. Maybe we really have entered a bull real estate market, though the bull may be losing a... Read more »