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Strange Home Pricing Strategy - The Lowball List Price

Occasionally you will see a real estate listing with a price that seems too good to be true – and usually it is. Despite the fact that there are bargains to be found out there the real estate market is actually pretty efficient. “Efficient” in this sense has a rather precise definition – namely that... Read more »

4 Years Later And Chicago Mail Delivery STILL Worst In Nation

This has nothing to do with real estate and originally it was going to be a small part of another blog post I’m working on but as I dug into the subject I decided this deserves top billing. Ever since I moved back to Chicago 12 years ago (time flies) I have lamented the deplorable... Read more »

Distressed Home Sales Driving Higher Real Estate Activity In Chicago

We’re still more than 2 weeks away from the February home sales release from the Illinois Association of Realtors but I can give you a pretty good idea of what it’s going to show for Chicago – if you read past their characteristically upbeat headlines. My preliminary numbers show Chicago home sales down about 14%... Read more »

Will Home Prices Fall Another 15 - 25%?

Given that home prices in Chicago have already fallen 30% from the bubble peak it’s hard to imagine that they could fall much further. After all, by my own measures, we are currently almost 19% below the long term trend line. However, the media has recently been giving increased attention to a statement made by... Read more »

The Coolest House In Bucktown: 1744 W. Cortland

The Coolest House In Bucktown: 1744 W. Cortland
As part of my Bucktown series I’m highlighting what appears to be the coolest house that I’ve seen in a long time. Well, I haven’t actually been inside it but just based upon the publicly available information this single family home at 1744 W Cortland is absolutely over-the-top gorgeous, with ultra-modern architecture and finishes –... Read more »