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20 Kid Foods That Contain Trans Fats

Here are 20 kid foods that contain trans fats. Let it be known that there is no safe amount of synthetic trans fats. Eating synthetic trans fats, or any partially hydrogenated oil, are closely tied to increased LDL (bad) cholesterol, Alzheimers disease, heart disease, poor memory and neurological damage, to name a few.  Suffice it... Read more »

3 Foods That Make You Lazy

Do you ever feel unmotivated, blue or just plain lazy? Of course, we all feel this way every once in a while, including yours truly. But if you’re off your game everyday or  more often than normal, it could be related to your diet. Here are 3 foods that make you lazy. Food has a... Read more »

5 Foods That Pack on the Pounds Fast

5 Foods That Pack on the Pounds Fast
Here are 5 foods that pack on the pounds fast. I’m all about eating right for your body type. Some people need more protein, some people need morecarbs, some people do better without caffeine, while others need to steer clear of the salt shaker. Regardless of what you should or should  not be eating, a... Read more »