A workout that will boost your metabolism all day long

A workout that will boost your metabolism all day long

It’s true that you can’t exercise away a bad diet, but you can definitely do a lot to give you body’s natural fat-burning ability a kickstart. When you want to get into better shape, it’s always a good idea to focus on your health and not the scale. Scales are all about numbers and aren’t a true reflection of the loss in unnecessary body fat most people need.  This is a workout that will boost your metabolism all day long.

Taking the time and making the effort a few times a week to physically push yourself is one way to give your body a bit of a jumpstart. Any activity is helpful, but why bore yourself for 45 minutes or an hour plodding along on a treadmill or elliptical just to burn a few calories? The calories you burn doing slow and steady cardio are likely calories your body has on reserve, not fat. When you finish a slow and steady cardio workout, the benefits stop there. Your body hits a dead end and really won’t burn any more calories resulting from your workout. They key is to shift the intensity of your workout.

A workout that’s high intensity will allow your body to burn fat long after the sweat stops dripping off your body. In fact, high intensity interval workouts push your body into fat-burning mode well into the following day.

The key is to challenge yourself by moving out of your comfort zone. A high intensity interval is different for everyone. Someone just getting off the couch after months or even years of inactivity won’t be able to run (for example) as fast as someone who has been exercising regularly. The goal is to push yourself well out of your comfort zone for short periods of time, recover and repeat.

Here is the workout I did this morning. It took me less than an hour to complete. Why don’t you give it a shot? This workout is similar to the workouts I wrote for The Belly Burn Plan. I recommend people do this style workout three to four times a week, max. It’s important to take a couple days a week to recover, allowing your muscles to repair and rebuild.

A)   5 to 10 minute warm up
B)   2 minute moderate intensity cardio interval
C)   2 minute high intensity cardio interval
D)   1 minute easy recovery
(REPEAT B, C and D a total of 5 times)

E)   15 Push Ups (on knees of necessary)
F)    30 Body Weight Squats
G)   10 Walk Outs
(REPEAT E, F and G a total of 3 times)

H)   15 Lunges (each leg)
I)     20 SLOW Mountain Climbers
J)     30 to 60 Second Wall Squat
(REPEAT H, I and J a total of 3 times)

Workout Notes: 

  • Cardio Intervals: These can be done anywhere (indoors or out), jogging/running, using a treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, etc).
  • Moderate Intensity: an exertion level somewhere between 5 to 7 (on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being very high).
  • High Intensity: an exertion level somewhere between 8 to 10.
  • Walk Outs: Standing tall, bend forward, hinging at knees and hips, walking arms out on the floor, ending in a straight arm plank. Without moving you feet from the starting position, walk your hands back toward your feet, ending in a standing position.

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