9 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Cutting back on foods that cause inflammation in our body is incredibly important to protecting our overall health. Don’t get me wrong, inflammation isn’t all that bad. When we cut our finger, sprain our ankle, get a sore throat or bruise our arm, we develop inflammation. This type of acute inflammatory response is good and very much needed. Without it, how would we heal? Inflammation protects us, and in a sense, is a hero!

Inflammation that lasts longer due to chronic conditions, however, is harmful. When we’re plagued with a condition that inflames a part of our body for several months (or more), we’re much more susceptible to numerous diseases, including heart disease, cancer, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, allergies and more.

If you’re dealing with chronic inflammation, here are a nine foods your should cut back on to better your overall health. Coming up next, incredible foods that can actually reduce inflammation and make you feel great!

Traci is a nationally-recognized health and fitness coach, and the current coach working with Steve Harvey’s Bridal Bootcamp. Traci has also been featured on Dr. OzThe TODAY Show, in SHAPE, SELF and local news programs. Her specialty is weight loss through clean eating and interval-style training. Traci is available for private coaching and corporate consulting. To contact Traci, please email traci@tracidmitchell.com. 

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