Interval Training Burns Fat More Than Slow and Steady Workouts

couple jogging at parkInterval training burns fat. It’s a fact. Yet another study reveals what has become a more popular and efficient way to achieve improved fitness and health. High Intensity Training (HIT) comes out on top over less intense workouts that were once believed to be beneficial, keeping exercise enthusiasts in their “fat burning zone.” Published in the Journal of Physiology on February 1st, studies conducted at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and the University of Birmingham in England revealed that exercising just 90 minutes a week at a higher intensity level had massive benefits in the body’s ability to burn fat.

Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends between three to five hours of weekly cardiovascular activity for adults. It can be difficult for many to find time to workout this long, which makes the new study’s revelation that much more appealing. This isn’t the first time a study has shown the benefits of HIT over “slow and steady” work, but it helps solidy the reasons for people to workout harder not longer.

High Intensity Training
High intensity training can be done by performing any type of cardiovascular activity. Running, rowing, Spinning, stair climbing, swimming, or even riding an elliptical are all perfectly acceptable ways of achieving interval training. The key is in repeatedly pushing your intensity level up very high for short periods of time, then recovering down to an easy pace. Anywhere between 25 and 45 minutes of HIT three to four times a week is sufficient.

When it comes to managing your intensity, base your effort on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely easy and 10 being as hard as possible. Cycling in between easy and very hard work will get your body results.

What Can You Do?
Here is an example of what you can do to get in an HIT workout today!

Warm Up
Start with a warm up of about 10 minutes. Never start a workout without warming up your muscles first. Get the blood flowing!

Workout: Traci’s Pyramid
TOTAL TIME: 36 Minutes
Regardless of what forms of exercise you choose (see options above), get a stopwatch ready, or keep your eye on the clock and get going.

  • 1 Minute Hard Effort (8 to 10)
  • 1 Minute Easy Effort
  • 2 Minutes Hard Effort
  • 1 Minute Easy Effort
  • 3 Minutes Hard Effort
  • 1 Minute Easy Effort
  • 4 Minutes Hard Effort
  • 2 Minutes Easy Effort
  • 5 Minutes Hard Effort
  • 2 Minutes Easy Effort
  • 4 Minutes Hard Effort
  • 2 Minute Easy Effort
  • 3 Minute Hard Effort
  • 1 Minute Easy Effort
  • 2 Minute Hard Effort
  • 1 Minute Easy Effort
  • 1 Minute Hard Effort

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