Ready, Set, SHRED!

Ready, Set, SHRED!

I walked into Shred415 on Saturday morning expecting a pretty good workout. The studio, located at 2156 N. Clybourn in Lincoln Park, opened earlier this year.  I’d heard through the grapevine that the workouts were 60-minutes of high intensity interval training. As big fan of intervals and something I write about often, I had to check it out.

I hung up my coat, grabbed my bottle of water and headed into the studio. Since it was my first time there, Bonnie Micheli, Shred415 co-owner, gave me a quick run down of what to expect and how to get going. The class was divided into two groups that started on the floor with weights, or on the treadmill. I opted to get going on what turned out to be the Bentley treadmills – a Woodway.  If you run on treadmills often and have never run on a Woodway – you should. It could change your life.

Class was led by the other half of Shred415, co-owner Tracy Roemer, who let us know 60 minutes was on the clock, and it was time to get moving. Those of us on the treadmills were given three options: walk, jog or run – each increasing significantly in intensity. I’m a runner and was tempted to start out of the gates a little faster, but yielded to the advice of Micheli who told me the running intervals could get a little…well…challenging. I started at a jogging pace for a minute or so, then was quickly told to bring up the incline on the treadmill. OK, no problem…I think. Cues continued to follow, raising incline and speed until I felt like I was running all out up a steep him. Before I knew it, interval one was up and it was time to trade places with the people on the floor.

Roemer quickly started dishing out some low weight, high rep strength exercises. The pace was fast, and my shoulders, back and arms were getting the workout of their life. Time was up. Back to the treadmill again. The energy in the room was great, with music pumping and sweat dripping. My treadmill was in full action within 30 seconds. A combination of hill and speed work really got my heart racing. After a hard, fast climb, it was back to the floor for a leg workout that has my thighs and bottom thanking me for today.

We wrapped up with some ab work and a few stretches. Sixty minutes was up. Looking around at the room filled with a good mix of men and women, I saw high fives and smiles everywhere.  In a nutshell, the workout far exceeded my expectations.

Workouts aside, I fancy myself a muscle mommy, and since Shred415 has a Kids Corner that accommodates children ages 6 weeks to 8 years, I decided to bring my two little ones. Within seconds of walking into the building, they vanished into a fully decked out play area.

There are two small changing areas and bathrooms (one for men and one for women).

So what’s with the name?  Micheli mentioned “Shred”  is for Strength and Treads, and “415” is for the four 15-minute intervals the workouts were originally based around. These days instructors will shake things up with a variety of 10 or 12-minute intervals as well. For many, intervals are where it’s at for fat loss. I always assumed “Shred” was for shredding pounds, something I’d imagine happens to the regular members of this place. Get the scoop on why intervals are so great for your body here.

Interested? Get the scoop on pricing and classes here. Any other questions, just give them a call at 773-360-8228.

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  • Wow, that does sound like an intense workout!

  • Yes, yes it was!

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