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Investing in Chicago Technology Companies

Investing in Chicago Technology Companies
With the burst of the technology bubble over a decade behind us, venture capital and private equity firms have been slow to fund start-up technology companies. Last year the median income raised in Chicago by these firms was only $3.4 million. This ranks ┬áChicago as 8th behind San Diego and about on par with Austin,... Read more »

Skip the Job: Become an Entrepreneur

Mike Michalowicz-Entreprenuer Consultant It’s time to start your own business. This economy is driving job hunters to become entrepreneurs out of necessity!  No jobs, lead to more start-up companies.   In this dismal job market as we are headed toward yet another jobless recovery, it’s time to take control of our careers and figure out just... Read more »

Tip for Finding A Job: Consider "start-up" Companies

Now is the time to work for a start-up company. Many displaced workers that still had cash and resources when their industry fell off a cliff have quietly started their own businesses and are now building their teams as they prepare for an economic recovery. This is the place to look for jobs! Job recovery... Read more »