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Is it Time to Start Your Own Business? Maybe.

Robin & Mark LeVine Business advisors say the road to economic recovery is through the success of small businesses.  In this sluggish job market they are the first to hire employees before major corporations, like Kraft, IBM, Apple and AT&T.  Small businesses do lead the way out of a recession, but if small businesses still... Read more »

The Long Road to Recovery: Workers give up on job search

The U.S. unemployment rate in June fell to 9.5% from 9.7% in May as job seekers gave up looking for work.   125,000 jobs were shed for a total of 225,000 jobs including the census workers.  This comes at a time when news of an unemployment extension is rejected for the third time in Congress.  The hardest... Read more »

Interviewing for a job?: Tips for dealing with stress of waiting

Enjoy the day Another day passes without a call from IBM, Hyatt or Allstate.  You’ve been interviewing with these type of firms for 4 months and still don’t have a job offer. This is the life of a job hunter in this economy.  Your are approaching your 6th interview and still don’t have a commitment from... Read more »