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Has LinkedIn Replaced Facebook for Networking?

Has LinkedIn Replaced Facebook for Networking?
LinkedIn Users Is LinkedIn becoming the new Facebook for correspondence on the internet? More businesses and job seekers are using this web site with greater frequency to connect to people that can help them with their personal brand, networking and to find a new job.  The major corporations like IBM Global Services, Kraft Foods, and... Read more »

Do You Really Know How to Network?

Do You Really Know How to Network?
Want that job at IBM, Boeing or Google?  Are you still looking for employment?  Maybe it’s not the economy that’s holding you back!  It could be that you are not a very good net worker. The essence of developing and maintaining business relationships are rooted in having excellent manners, of which, we sometimes forget. This... Read more »

Tips for Organzing Your Job Search: Clean Up the Clutter

Have you’ve lost calling cards from potential contacts at IBM, Kraft or Boeing because of being disorganized?  Did you lose the job lead a friend gave you in the mounds of paper on your desk? Is your search for employment getting out of control due to the chaos in your mind?   I have lost... Read more »

Skip the Job: Become an Entrepreneur

Mike Michalowicz-Entreprenuer Consultant It’s time to start your own business. This economy is driving job hunters to become entrepreneurs out of necessity!  No jobs, lead to more start-up companies.   In this dismal job market as we are headed toward yet another jobless recovery, it’s time to take control of our careers and figure out just... Read more »

Families Unite for the Blackhawks Rally: Last Look at the Day

What do IBM, Boeing and Wrigley all have in common? Their employees were at the Stanley Cup rally for the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday!  There was no thoughts of jobs or a bad economy; only the victory of Chicago’s beloved team! And there were loads of darling babies out to celebrate like this darling boy, Todd... Read more »