(5) Tips to Get Employed After COVID-19

(5) Tips to Get Employed After COVID-19

Its been awhile since we have had to worry about losing our job or getting a new one.  After the 2008 downturn there has been a steady increase in employment to a historical low unemployment rate last year. Then what seems to come out of nowhere,  COVID-19 hits our world with an unknown, highly infectious virus that spread within the entire world in a matter months, leaving many fighting for their lives and others who lost their battle against of virus.

Our world has not been in this kind of shock since 911 when the United States was attacked and our world would be changed forever. Within a very short time, millions of people have lost their jobs and businesses are going out of business. Many of you are severely affected by this downtown in the economy due to the necessity of self-isolating to help curb this vicious virus.

You can’t change what is happening now, but you can prepare yourself to get back in the job market as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips to do this:

  • Apply for unemployment benefits– As part of the Trillion dollar federal relief package, many with be eligible for unemployment benefits, including contractors. Many groups are eligible, so make sure apply.
  • Don’t Assume Your Job will Still be There– Depending on what sector you work in, the possibility of you returning to your former job may not be an option. It all depends on the type of business you worked for and how solvent they were going into this crisis. Unfortunately, many small business may not reopen, especially in the retail, hotel and restaurant sectors that have been hit the hardest.
  • Update your Resume-You should always keep your resume up to date, but few people do. Now is the time to edit your resume and write a cover letter template so you can start sending out your paperwork to companies that are hiring, and there are many! Check out the companies that are on the “essential list” that are overwhelmed now and looking for employees, such as the food stores, drug stores, delivery services, distribution companies, and medical supply companies.
  • Reach Out to Your Network– Now is the time to turn off the TV and put together a list of people who you have worked with in the past, mentors, co-worker and former clients. Look them up on LinkedIn and see what they are up to. For those you know well, call them and see how they are doing.
  • Use this time to Reflect on What You want to do– Don’t waste your time and energy on negativity. Yes, we are in challenging and fearful times, but we will get through it. We got through 911 stronger and we will do the same with COVID-19 pandemic. So take a hard look at who you are and what you want to do in your life. Maybe it is a change in your career. Explore yourself and use this time wisely.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for employment. The jobs will be there and you need to be prepared to act. Don’t get left behind!  Use your time wisely.

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