Facebook Breach of Security on Ad Sites

Facebook Breach of Security on Ad Sites

It is the time of year we should be enjoying some holiday cheer and shopping with our friends, family and co-workers, not dealing with credit card fraud committed on the Facebook ads application! I admit I was a fan of Facebook and have been a member since 2009. And up until now, I have had no issue with the company. I have always been careful who I let in as a “friend” and have had a good experience with Facebook, until now.

I had tried using the Facebook ads feature in October and November for the first time as a platform to kick off a new radio podcast I am doing for Qchella Media and KGAY106.5. After every guest was on and the show was “live”, I would spent $2/day up to $10 to promote my link on the current show. All was going smoothly, except for a few people who were upset that they were randomly sent my link on gender identity to them when they had no interest in the issue at all! Fair enough. I changed my reach to try to get to people who may be interested in the topic.

So today, while working at home as I am slowly recovering from the nasty flu virus that has had me in la la land for three days, I pull up my credit card statement to pay a bill online and see a number of charges I didn’t make starting 12/2 for close to $500! All in smaller increments and from Facebook ads that I never ran. Not, only have I never run them, but I have never spent more than a total of $100 for all the ads compounded! And, the link was through my Shades of Gender page for an ad associated with www.cathoffers.com, of which, the last I checked they were selling trailers on my $500 they stole my identity on! Watch out for these crooks, my friends.

You would think that the people at Facebook would have had some idea that maybe this wasn’t me! It appears they may have stopped the ad at $468.35  when looking to verify it was me because it looked suspicious! Damn right, its suspicious Facebook people, its not me! Since when did I sell trailers on my Shades of Gender FB page? And where are the customer service representatives to call? I was told, they don’t take calls. So, how do I reach them to let them know they have a fraudulent claim coming their way from my credit card company?

So, my credit card had to be cancelled. I have to deal with all of my auto pays on that credit card. I have to wait for my credit company to contact Facebook to present the claim and hope someone at Facebook is smart enough to see the fraud. And, I am reluctant to ever use the Facebook Ad feature, again, for fear this will continue to happen. So now Facebook has just lost a customer. I wonder how many other people this has happened to?

Facebook if you are listening, you had better get a handle on your security systems and open up a line to report fraud on your site. The Facebook Grinch has just stolen my Christmas!


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