The Greatest Holiday Gift is Your Encouragement

The Greatest Holiday Gift is Your Encouragement

The advice we have given to someone who is silently struggling may have made a bigger difference in their lives than we will ever know.

Most of us don’t think our words make that much difference to others lives and is anyone really listening to us? The answer is Yes and what you say could help give others the inspiration they need to make positive changes in their lives.

After years in career coaching and writing this column Get Employed, I know I have helped others on their career path, but often lose track of the people I have coached, whether informally or in paid consulting. When I see an update on their LinkedIn profile of their new position, I am thrilled to know I have made some difference in their lives.

So today when I received a note from someone I had mentored who was struggling with his career, I was touched by his words. “Happy Holidays ! Success & Good Health in 2017 ! I hope all is good or great with you. I miss Iced Tea & Orange with you. You really helped me to open my eyes to a lot of my talent especially matching good people up for business or just a connection or two. I will have some exciting News to share in 2017.”

It is a reminder at this time of giving that we can all make a difference in others lives. And taking the time to talk to others who could use some advice and encouragement when they need it the most is perhaps the greatest gift of all. We have all been in this position where our dreams have been dampened and we just need some support.

The greatest gift this holiday season may not be in the packages under the tree, but rather the gift of listening and offering encouragement to our friends and associates. Just taking time out for them when they need to be uplifted is what they may really need and could be a life-changing event for them.

Happy Holidays to you all and may you find peace, success in achieving your goals and living a full life filled with love and laughter!

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