2016 Career Resolution

2016 Career Resolution

As the days of 2015 wind down it is a time of reflection for many. A moment where we take a beat from our busy lives to assess our accomplishments of the year and to give thanks for the many things that contributed to our happiness. It is also a time to evaluate if what we are doing in our work life is still something we are passionate about.

Whether you are content with your current job or considering a new path in 2016, you need to get prepared for your journey. This means making sure your personal brand is reflective of who you are what you offer your current or future employer.  Your brand is unique to you and needs to be articulated in a proficient manner.

Here are some tips for making sure you are ready for 2016:

  • Make sure you have an updated résumé. Add your current duties and accomplishments to your existing résumé. Remove or minimize any excessive verbiage that doesn’t apply to your current vocation, instead focus on more recent specifics on what contribution you are making in your current position.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with your current skills. Add in any pertinent awards, video clips, media or presentations you made over the past year. Add a current photo to your profile.
  • Go through your LinkedIn contacts and make a list of people you want to connect with this year. You need to constantly be expanding your business network. Follow up with them and develop a relationship.
  • Evaluate what social media has been the most effective for you and focus on these sites. It is nearly impossible to be proficient in all the sites, so pick a few and really work them to develop your brand.
  • Identify what goals you want to attain this year. Focus on fulfilling these goals in 2016.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve knowing you are prepared for an outstanding year filled with new adventures, accomplishments and opportunities you may never have imagined.

Happy New Year!! Make it Count!


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  • 2016 is the year I am not going to be nice to anyone !

    Especially to Employers !

    Doing some small design jobs now, but I came across a few firms that were unreal in their interviews.

    Take for an instance of a Major National Home Builder in the Western Suburbs who discriminate on age. I was thinking of writing to the President how his managers handle themselves in an interview. If I had a hidden body camera, the interview would make "60 Minutes".

    Then there is another major corporation that deals with restaurants and won't hire anyone over the age of 50 ! You see their restaurants all over the place. You know the place, they have a Clown and giveaway game pieces with their food. I heard that other managers in various departments are the same to older applicants.

    I had this one guy who I saw 6 times for an interview.....no job yet from his office. His design firm bounces around due they can't afford their rent. I am not taking anymore phone calls from that Loser.

    But the one that I was mad about was a major builder in Rolling Meadows who deals with shopping malls. Spent long time on an interviews with these guys. Project managers gave me the job until the Owner walked in at the final meeting at the end and said I cost too much and rather hire a guy from India for less money.

    We need a change in this country. We need a Leader who will tax the hell out of corporations who send jobs over seas and will kick out illegals in the USA.

  • Nice, I also like this article :)

  • In reply to Richard Lum:

    Thanks, Richard! Happy Bew Year.

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