Mad Men Finale Draws Many Conclusions

Mad Men Finale Draws Many Conclusions

I am an avid fan of the now former AMC TV series, Mad Men that I watched from the beginning and immediately fell in love with the characters in this successful show that is now being touted as one of the best series in the history of TV.

The audience took awhile to build as the Mad Men series became popular late in the second season. As it said good-bye in its seventh season, it left many who never watched it scrambling to catch up on the episodes before the finale last night.

AMC promised a highly anticipated surprise ending and it delivered! Don Draper had us guessing what would be the end for him. In his final moments, he was at a spiritual retreat doing yoga, overlooking the beach in southern, CA chanting, as a way of finally letting out the emotional release he was looking for his entire life.

Some people believe that Don would go on to create the famous Coke commercial shown at the end of the series, thus going back into advertising. I see it differently as I don’t believe Don Draper would ever go back to advertising. Instead, Peggy would be the one to create the infamous commercial for Coke as she was the creative leader. She was the star of the agency and I am sure would go on to becoming the Creative Director.

Joan Holloway made a tearful decision to continue her path as a business woman rather then a wife by leaving her seemingly perfect boyfriend behind as she started her own production company. Her child would be taken care of by Roger Sterling, the father of her child who he made peace with.

Pete Campbell reunited with his wife Trudy and his child and moved to Kansas, where he held a major position with the transport company.  Betty Draper dying of lung cancer was a surprise twist that left us hanging as to who would take care of their children if  Don died.

Turns out, she wanted her sister and brother-in –law to be the caretakers. We saw some real emotion with her and Don in their final conversation where he called her Birdie. It was symbolic of so many divorced couples who still have a history together. The scene brought tears to my eyes.

So as the fans of Mad Men continue to speculate what the significance of the Coke ad at the end meant for the characters and suggesting clues like Don used the Coke machine and some of the hippies were in the commercial, I still believe that Don would never go back to advertising and in the end, Peggy was the one who would be the real survivor of the advertising industry and her life, as she was Don’s best student. Don always wanted her to be the star that she was.

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