(8) Reasons Not to Give up Facebook!

(8) Reasons Not to Give up Facebook!


Let’s face it; those of us that use Facebook are addicted. The first time we get many “likes” from our post, we become addicted. It becomes a chase for “likes” from posting selfies (no one wants to take our picture anymore), to a close up of our steak dinner, to pictures of our dog sleeping, we are obsessed with having a picture to post!

I have been on Facebook since 2007. I felt compelled to join because everyone else was doing it. Back then, it was a useful tool to get information out quickly, with no cost. It was a way to market to many, without having to spend money for a marketing firm. It was also a way to meet new people and extend my network.

Years later, I am questioning, just how effective is Facebook? I am asking myself if it is really worth the time it takes to stay pertinent on the site or if I should be spending my time elsewhere on social media? For me, using Facebook is for both personal and professional use. As an author, blogger and TV producer, I am continually making my Facebook audience aware of my articles, along with a glimpse of my personal life, of which I don’t go into great detail in order to protect a bit of my privacy.

At first, when I started posting in 2007, most of my network read my posts, articles and book. Now, I find that few people take time to read my “business’ posts on Facebook. They mostly comment on pictures I post or an update on my dog’s health, which is great, but why do I need them to do this? And, do I need the numerous birthday wishes from many people I have never met? Not really.

So, why am I still using Facebook?

Here are (8) Reasons I do:

  • It’s a habit. I check my email message then my Facebook the first thing in the morning.
  • I get instant information from what’s going on in my network and around the world.
  • I am nosey. I want to see what other people are doing.
  • It’s an easy way to stay connected to a lot of people at the same time.
  • It’s a great way to archive my favorite photos. It becomes my very own scrapbook whether people respond to it or not.
  • Seeing other people’s struggles makes me feel more grateful for my own life.
  • People who share a successful, inspired life, inspires me.
  • Facebook has become important to my brand. Companies I work with want me to have a strong social media presence and Facebook is a site they use to gauge an audience. Like it or not, it’s important. And though, people may not always comment, they seem to know what’s going on in my life.

To stay connected to Facebook and curb my obsession, I try to only check Facebook three times a day rather than every hour! I keep building my audience through mutual “friends” and “de-friend” the stalkers. For now, it seems the best plan.

What do think about using Facebook? Still like it or are you “over” it?

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