Call the Recruiter Back!

Call the Recruiter Back!

The national unemployment rate is 5.5% as more of the unemployed and underemployed are being absorbed into the workplace. Our economy is finally consistently producing over 200,000 jobs a month which has helped bring down the unemployment rate to a normalized level.

Times are looking better for most who want to work, so why should you work with a headhunter when you are already happy in your current job and not looking? Is it bad practice to even speak to them when you are gainfully employed? What if your current company finds out?

These are some reasons that many employees ignore calls and e-mails from recruiters and headhunters who are looking to fill positions. Many workers just don’t feel obligated to respond to them as they are not looking for a job and don’t want to be bothered. They are too busy to get back to the recruiter or headhunter. And some are just afraid their current employer will find out.

As a veteran recruiter for a number of firms, including my own, I can’t emphasize how wrong it is to not return a recruiters call. Even if you are content in your current job, you should always get back to the recruiter.

Here’s Why:

  • Recruiters, especially headhunters are always connected to the job community. Most specialize in your field and are current on what the trends, compensation packages and on inside company information. They can be a tremendous resource of information for you.
  • They introduce you to opportunities that you may have never considered, yet could be a positive move for your career.
  • Developing a relationship with a headhunter who may be able to help you when you are not so happy with your current job (it eventually happens) is just smart!
  • They can be helpful for you if you have an interest in moving to another city since they work on national searches.
  • Headhunters are the quickest route to actually getting a job since they are paid to fill the position and have the attention of the hiring manager.

Headhunters appreciate a return call or e-mail when they contact you. They are calling you for a reason. You never know when you need them to help you, so help them by getting back to them!

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