(5) Personal Traits Coveted By Hiring Managers

(5) Personal Traits Coveted By Hiring Managers

There are many reasons that some people always get a job. Some of this has to do with their ability to network while others are just a perfect match for a company. Many times it is just difficult to compete with these other candidates.

Yet, there are traits that hiring managers consistently look for in a potential hire that are coveted and can help you get a position even if you don’t have all the experience a company is looking for.

Here’s (5) Traits that you should strive for:

  • Likeability– It is the number one trait that interviewers look for in a job candidate. Grant you not everyone is “likeable” yet you can strive to be by being friendly, open, direct and have a good sense of humor. People are attracted to these traits and many of our Politicians are elected, not necessarily on their track record, but that they are likeable, someone we can relate with.
  • Great organizational skills– This is demonstrated in how well-written your resume is and how you articulate your career story. An organized mind while interviewing is essential.
  • The ability to listen– Listening is a coveted trait for any position you are applying for. Make sure you listen to what the hiring manager is saying when you are interviewing and make sure to answer their questions rather than getting sidetracked and answering something they didn’t ask.
  • Enthusiasm– Who doesn’t like someone with enthusiasm? We remember the people who were positive and enthusiastic. My guy at Starbucks was always upbeat when he made me a skinny latte and sent me away with a smile. Even if you aren’t sure you want the job you are interviewing for, still be enthusiastic about the position. You’d be amazed at how many interviewees are not.
  • Great follow-up– Here’s another trait that so many people are bad at. Many of us just don’t follow up when we said we would. We are all busy, so no excuse there. When you have completed your interview make sure to send a note (I prefer hand-written) but email is fine, just know that your email may end up in a Spam folder.

I have hired many people in my career, worked with thousands of job candidates and listened to my clients as to why they have or have not hired someone. These five traits are not spoken about enough, yet can make the difference in all areas of your life. They are traits I live by.

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