Rauner Wins: Illinois Has Always Been a Purple State

Rauner Wins: Illinois Has Always Been a Purple State


Bruce Rauner is the Illinois Governor-Elect whether Pat Quinn concedes or not! The AP and national news organizations have all declared Rauner the winner, yet Quinn holds on as they count every last vote. There will be no gracious departure for Quinn as he leaves office while  holding on to every last moment of his governorship.

The fact is that it is time for a republican governor in Illinois. The last one we had, George Ryan did jail time. Previous to Ryan we had republican favorite, Jim Edgar for eight years from 1991-1999. Before Edgar was big Jim Thompson who ran Illinois from 1977-1991.

Rod Blagojevich started a democratic trend as governor when he took over as Illinois governor in 2003 and was elected for two terms, until he was convicted of a felony and left office in 2009. Pat Quinn replaced him and went on to run and  won the top seat against radical republican Bill Brady.

The history of Illinois politics tells a much different story of what political party ruled. The truth is that it is a “purple” state, not a “blue” one as many think. It has a history of long-term republican governors who ruled the state for decades.

Illinois’s first governor was Shadrach Bond who was an Independent. Ninian Edward would be our first Adams-Clay Republican governor in 1826. The democrats had their first governor, John Reynolds in 1830. The democrats held this office for 27 years until William Henry Bissell was elected in 1857. Republicans ruled from 1857-1893.

The Illinois governorship flipped back and forth between a republican and democratic governor, until republican Richard Buell Oglivie took over as governor in 1969 but was replaced four years later by democrat Dan Walker took the governor seat in 1973. Walker had legal issues and was not re-elected.

Illinois is indeed a purple state. It has had as many republicans as democrats as governor since its inception. Cook County is the only place that Quinn won in the state. What does that tell you?

For more information on the history of Illinois governors, go to List_of_Governors_of_Illinois

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