How to Explain Why You Are Leaving Your Present Employer

How to Explain Why You Are Leaving Your Present Employer


One of the most challenging questions asked in an interview is responding to the question, “Why you are considering leaving your current employer.” Hiring managers are obsessed with getting answers to this loaded question. If not addressed properly, it could cost you a potential job.

Companies want to know what issues you have with your current employer as to avoid similar instances with them. It is not for your benefit, it is for theirs. The bottom-line is that they don’t want to hire a “problem-child” into their firm.

Here are (3) Tips to help you better deal with this scenario:

  1. Withhold your anger and resentment. Never, ever say anything about your current firm or the people you work with. Don’t let the hiring manager trick you into saying something negative, even if you feel like you are getting screwed! Take the high road and don’t mess up your chances of getting a new job. Forget about the past and move forward.
  2. Create a story of why you are looking for a new job. Every situation is unique but come up with something positive to say that doesn’t reflect badly on your current employer. Keep your answer vague. Say something like,’ I am looking for growth and advancement, of which my current firm can not provide at this time,’
  3. Obtain Referrals now while working. Form allies at your present company and ask them to give you a referral now. Linked In is best for this because it looks like you are building your profile rather than looking for a new job. So many hiring managers and business professionals use this site to check you out it is a must for building your career summary. Don’t wait until you leave your company to get referral, do it now.

Interviewing for a job is a game. Many times it is more about how you do in an interview than the quality of your skill level. Learn how to play the game, and you will have a better chance of getting the job. And, never speak badly about your current employer.


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  • I agree, never talk bad about a past employer at an interview........and never say anything bad about your boss on a live tv ad spot like this car salesman did...

  • Subject: Business Cards

    It would be nice for Hiring Managers to have a business card at interviews. I mean if jobs want people to act "professional", then the jobs themselves should also be "professional" in the way the act. These corporations are making millions of dollars. How about making some business cards for their hiring managers & HR people. So job interviewers have more then just having the contact name of Joe, Susan or Mike of who they met. These jobs know more about you then you know about them. If you are handing over a Social Security # to someone who does not have a last name or a business card at a job interview, then pick up and leave the interview.

  • Subject: How to Save a City

    Will Chicago be the next Detroit? All signs are pointing that way. Crime, lack of business, pension pay outs, taxes, more taxes are just few of the signs that Chicago will be the next major cess pool.

    Before we look at the bad sides of our city, lets look at our assets.

    First, the people....we really have some big time smart people and people with money. People like this a way to come together and think ways of improving this city.

    Our Lake many cities have a major lake front? Water always attracts people.

    Architecture.......we have one of the best skylines in the world. I would like to see more lights incorporated with our downtown buildings. I always think cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris enhance their city when their cities are lite up at night.

    Land......this city has plenty of neighborhoods that are ghetto areas. Time for the city to knock down blocks of abandon crack houses and put the land into these three affordable houses......farms ......and open parks........let local architects / contractors train Chicago citizens with building trades.......clear the land for inner city farms operated by local farmers.......and create safe play areas for its citizens.....parks that are in the 21st century mode with various entertainment perks for kids. of the unique aspects of Chicago is various ethnic heritages.......I believe neighborhoods need to incorporate more of their heritage with their architecture, culture, cuisine and landmarks.

    Business.......even though more companies are leaving the area, we can bring back what Mayor Daley destroyed in his years......entice major corporations to come here....offer free trade benefits for hiring local citizens.

    One of the first things I would do is to reduce city spending on govt. itself. Too many bodies not doing anything on the city payroll.......alderman, teachers, administrators, street sweepers, cops, firemen, local politicians, etc.........these people are also known as "Dead Weight" to solve this problem,?....reduce the number of alderman down to twelve to start off with. .....the others, offer a buy out or just do mass layoffs.

    next step, start selling off city land property. ....close down out dated school buildings.

    Get rid of the negative visions of the city.......abandon buildings, etc

    Improve city transportation system and its hubs....encourage the public to take public transportation.......reduce fares to $1 a ride one way....per bus / train ride......raise city meter parking & parking rates in downtown area only.......reduce parking meter rates along neighborhood retail rows...

    Begin a landscape beautification plan.......more trees equals cleaner air.

    Turn various small retail / business streets into pedestrian mall areas.

    Turn high crime neighborhoods into a "No Car" zone......close off streets, dis allow liquor sales, ban bars..........knock down any abandon homes & buildings.......enforce the "police rule" in the city charter of ensuring safety on the public.

    lots to do to save a little time left.

  • Chicago City Bond Rating went down again on Tuesday .........corporations don't want to invest in a city where taxes are going up, that has pension fund problems and where city leadership is extremely poor and corrupt.

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