(5) Tips for Beating the Chicago Winter Blues

(5) Tips for Beating the Chicago Winter Blues

With temperature barely in the teens, three feet of snow and lack of sunshine for days at a time, this time of year is downright depressing in the Midwest. Chicago weather is never great in the winter, but this year it is breaking records. Basically, it sucks. It is difficult to stay upbeat when you are dealing with these circumstances.

So what can you do to beat the Chicago Winter Blues?

  • Step up your exercise program– Getting up at 5:30am to exercise when it s dark out may not even be on your radar, but it is essential to do so to keep your serotonin level up and the winter pounds off. We tend to eat higher caloric foods this time of year and the pounds pack on quickly. Don’t feel compelled to work out every day, three days a week for an hour is all you need to stay in shape.
  • Don’t over schedule yourself– This is the time of year to spend more time recharging yourself rather than running to store openings, parties and eating out. Pick a few events during the week to attend and say No to the others.
  • Plan a trip over the next couple of months– This time of year you need something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just keep looking for a travel deal to a different city and you’ll find it. It is worth every cent to get out of the Chicago winter to see something besides dirty snow.
  • Reevaluate what lifestyle you want– If you are an outdoors person, Chicago is not the place to live. If this lifestyle is no longer healthy for your mind and spirit, perhaps it is time to move. I fell into black ice when I was seven and almost froze to death. I remember clearly to this day, saying to myself, I have to get out of here. And, I have for periods of my life. Don’t be afraid to look at other cities that may be better suited for a more balanced life.
  • Clean out your closets and office-This is the time to go through all your stuff, whether it is personal or business related and to clear out the clutter by getting rid of things you don’t need anymore. There is a sense of relief when you purge.

Rather than counting the days to spring, which often comes in early June, make the winter days count. Get off your sofa, put away the potato chips and start cleaning out that closet. Book a trip to a place with palm trees and spring will be here in no time!


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  • I always find that gyms are major place to catch the flu during these months........besides, you are all sweaty, and you hit that cold air once you go outside......you find yourself with a head cold that night.......skip the gym, eat less and exercise around the house while looking for a job......

    Job events are great to go to when you are out of work.....if you are single, unemployed and poor, no one wants nothing to do with you.......but if you hit the lottery big time, tell all those people who did not want to bother with you and now want to be your friend to piss off!......leave town without a forward address...change your email account, get off of Facebook and other media sites and enjoy the single life........

    yes, plan a trip......if you have the money.......trade that dirty cold snow for a trip to a nudist Caribbean beach resort or a nudist resort in Palm Springs where other dirty minded couples are at..........or would anyone want to go on a cruise for a week where it has so many hidden dirty germs all around!.........now if you like to keep your clothes on, then do a trip to Carmel / Monterey ......every husband should take his wife there at least once in their marriage.........or if you want to make some quick money, then do Vegas.

    The Great Outdoors is not what you might think......some of the most dangerous places is our National Parks.....not counting the bears, mountain lions and poison ivy, and giant bugs, you also will come across people who look like they just escaped a mental ward or look like they are fighting off zombies ........falling into black ice is not bad.......having fast hot steaming rolling lava chasing after you is more dangerous............

    Not making money ?......looking for extra cash?......think about having a garage sale this spring.......or start selling your junk...I mean your treasures on Ebay........every time I have a garage sale, I make over $250 a day for just 5 hours of work......I even sell stuff on Ebay......I have family members who tell me they cannot believe the A******* out there who buy my junk at high prices......so go through your closet, basement, garage, attic and start selling all that useless junk...I mean treasures, that you have.

    The winter is more then halfway over.......so get going on the push ups, get naked with your mate, get looking for that next job and get starting to sell your items

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Hi Cubstalk, As usual you are filled with information and an undeniable wit! You are always welcome to share your thoughts as long as they are relatively sane. I do wonder though why you are so negative toward bosses, companies and anything related to finding a job. Are you unemployed? Do you feel like you have gotten left behind in this sort of job recovery?

  • In reply to Terri Lee Ryan:

    There are many good bosses, good firms, but at the present time, the real bad bosses are coming out of the wood work. Bad bosses like to take advantage of the work force out there when jobs are hard to come by. You saw my story below where I mention where married men who were managers were hiring young girls for their "pleasure" and not for best of the firm. Should I tell you the name of the firm? But they are really no different then other companies or firms that have scum bags working for them who take advantage people for their own personal pleasures.

    I do design work. Buildings, offices, houses, schools, hospitality, retail....you name it, and I worked on a project. The economy took a toll on all of us in the engineering, architecture & construction field. Same could be said for the people in the IT field. Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs & Bill Gates sent American IT jobs overseas, and ever since then, the computer field is being hacked in and software programs & products are messed up. People in the US then have to talk to someone named "Sam" or "Janet" over in Thailand, India or Vietnam who sound like they have a Kansas accent to help them with their laptop problem. And all those people from Asia countries come here on H1B visas, plus eleven of their relatives who come here to work at American firms at lower pay scale. And how is that NAFTA working? Where are all those American jobs that was suppose to be created?

    Right now, there are no jobs for the millions of American people looking for full time or part time work. People who are employed, are losing hours at their job due to Obamacare regulations. Many people are being left behind. This country has a massive infrastructure problem, and the govt. is not spending the money to fix it.

    People who are getting left behind in this job recovery, if there is such a thing, are mostly people over 50's, young adults with college degrees, and single people. Take for example one job where two people were applying for. The company hired a married woman over a single woman. Single woman had more college education & work experience, but the married woman was chosen due that her husband was a Doctor and he had status according to a company source who knew why the HR dept hired the Doctor's wife. If you have "status" or married to it in this world, you get somewhere.

    Maybe you have not notice Terri, but many people are getting poor in this country. Jobs are fewer and pay much less. Would you believe the number of homeless people in New York City is higher now then what the numbers were during the Depression Era! More people are on Food Stamps now then six years ago! Many unemployed are not counted anymore by the Govt due their benefits ran out! This present Obama administration has ruled these people as those who have given up looking for a job.

    They have an education program called " Leave No Child Behind". Some politician needs to support a govt. program called "Put Educated Americans Back to Work"

    People always wonder why murder, assaults and robberies are up during these hard times. Many people just break down from the every day pressure put on them. All of sudden they snap. We can always go back the reason for all of these bad events by remembering what they said during the Bill Clinton presidential run days...."It's the Economy Stupid!" When people are working, people are happy and they spend money. People not working, spells poor economy and hardships.

    Between design jobs, I am doing something that you recommend to readers, try another field........I am writing screenplays. What I see what is being put into movie theaters, is just crap. Movie Industry just likes to put the three "B's" on the screen.....Bullets, Blood & Boobs to sell move tickets.....not all movies have to be like that.....it just has to have a good story line to sell............I have no family member who is movie executive or movie actor that would promote my screenplays to a producer, so maybe I am wasting my time, but I am not throwing popcorn at someone over their cell phone during a movie. As you know dealing with Hollywood people, you have to either to be related to someone or sleep with someone to get a movie made. There is a third option, but I saw what happen at the end of "True Romance" at the Beverly Hills Hotel to rule out that scenario.

    So Terri, if you know any wealthy people who like to build a vacation house in Florida, and want to help a few people to get back to work, please leave word. My movie screenplays are not done, but if you come across a famous film maker looking for a script, I might have a couple to give.

  • Terri and others always tell us how unemployed people should act at interviews........

    How about the Interviewer themselves?........

    these are true events..........

    - A person interviewing for a County job position with three dept. management women across the table....they answer their phones through out the process.....start yelling to the other person on the other end......and other employees interrupting the interview process with various job questions.....they stop the interview to take care of company business....come back 20 minutes later say they will reschedule the interview, and it never happens.....you call them, they never return your messages.

    - You are dressed up for a six figure IT job, but the interview is not...he comes in all sweaty & smelly in gym shorts and a t-shirt.

    - You meet the interviewer for a position at a large retail food store, and the Hispanic manager start off saying they are hiring "Only Hispanics" for the job.

    - You are waiting at interview at a restaurant for a legal position.....there is a young lady interviewing for the same job with two Lawyers.....the Lawyers see you waiting........the lawyers buy an appetizer & drink for the young lady...after she leaves, you sit down with the Lawyers 40 minutes later, and the Lawyers offer the last piece of food that young lady was eating to you...........and tell you right off in the interview then they have their candidate already.

    - You are a male waiting for an interview that is schedule at 10 am.....you get there early......others waiting for an interview are young Russian & Ukraine girls with low cute open blouses and skirts with large slits on the side that shows lots of leg action.....there interviews last over 1/2 an hour each.....you are finally called for the interview at noon.....two married males who are managers say you are over qualified for the design position with the large corporation.....and you are out the door in less then 5 minutes later....as you leave their department, you notice all the design people are very young sexy girls...........sex does sell.

    - You have an interview at a corporate medical firm.....the interviewer you met, did not have the authority to hire new employees when some other manager calls from the firm to see if you want a new interview...... the firm does not bring you back for a new interview when you ask them if they will pay for the travel expense for the interview based on the previous wasted interview.

    - You go to the interview, and the manager does not hire you based you are more qualified & experience then what he has and tells you he "fears for his job" if he hires you.....so he does not.

    - You call the job to make sure the interview is still on with the people. The company says "yes".....you arrive at the firm job, the hiring manager who you suppose to meet, is really on vacation and there was a mixed up with his schedule. You wasted train fare and about four hours for a job that was later canceled.

    During hard times, people in the hiring position, like to waste people's time, take advantage of others, and like to see people kiss their ass.

    Back in the early 80's, I had an appointment with the Dean of Architecture down at Circle Campus to get into their program....there was a large blizzard that hit Chicago the night before.....my appointment was at 1pm.......it took me over 2 hours to travel in snowy city streets to get to the interview......I walked in at 1:01 pm into the Dean's office......the Dean's secretary told me the Dean left for lunch and I missed his interview appointment time........the Dean of the Architecture Dept, called me up the next day and said " I better learn how to be on time"........I did not go back for another interview which took months to schedule .........I became a teacher later on, but always let my students who were late for class into the classroom, and did deny them access or told them to get a late slip.

    That school job I had, was really nice for several years. But the Principal let me go after I refused to change failing grades for several school athletes. I did get another school job, but the African American Principal who fired me, got me blacklisted with the county school system. The White Principal who hired me was "sorry" for the African American Principal discriminated actions .

    For every one good boss........there are ten other bosses who will take advantage.

    Don't let people take advantage of you in life.

  • Looked for new projects this past week. It seems companies don't want to get off the fence on hiring people. Why are these companies spending months and months to hire one person?.........there are many qualified people looking for work, and HR managers spend most of their time on one hour interviews with candidates. Some of these HR managers do not have the knowledge of the technical terms that are being used by people like myself for the position that the company want to fill.

    So if companies want to hire people, they need to have the hiring manager from the department that needs people to do the interviews. Not HR people who are looking to fill their time slip.

    I also want to discuss about job recruiters who want to fill their rolodex . They look at resumes of applicants, and want the names & phone numbers of department managers from old jobs. Years ago, job recruiters got out and visit hiring managers at various companies. Now, they want you to supply your references to them. This is an easy way to loose your references if job recruiters keep calling your references to place people at your old job.

    A few weeks ago, Cancer Treatment Centers of America had a job interview for someone I knew for their IT department. That job applicant spent some time with CTCA for this job opening at their Illinois HQ. The job recruiter even bought several lunches for the HR people at CTCA so he can make money on this contract job placement. Then a story was in the newspaper in Florida that CTCA will move their Illinois HQ to Florida. The job was cancelled. The job recruiter did not even know that CTCA was leaving Illinois.

    So Terri, my screenplays are going along.....trying to get my characters to be intriguing......one story is about an insurance agent in the 1940's getting involved with a rich woman, whacky characters and spies...........another story is about a romance / drama story dealing before pre-Israel.........and another story is about a FBI agent who discovers court corruption, payoffs & murder...........no wizards, no drug usage, no animals being harmed, no flying dragons, no foul mouth 500 plus f-bombs...........but nudity might happen in one screenplay.

  • Hi Cubstalk! Thanks for your comments. I don't necessarily agree that recruiters are calling companies when they find out a candidate lost their job, not any recruiters I know! But, I do agree that the junior level HR people who do the first round of interviewing to weed out the candidates really is useless. Good people get passed over because they don't have a clue what a hiring manager wants and are inexperienced in interviewing. It is a real issue when looking for a job. Hey, I like the screenplay on the insurance agent in the 40's with spies and stuff; keep me posted on that one!

  • Job report out today....only 113,000 new jobs.....that is about 2,260 jobs per state........

    Long time unemployed, 50 & older , college students are all getting hit hard on finding jobs.......

    Govt. saying many job seekers are giving up......really.....so will the state & federal govt. give them a tax break if they don't pay their taxes?......how about giving long term unemployed people a tax break if they have to go into their IRA accounts?

    Our govt. would say anything to paint a rosey picture on a disaster.......

    And AOL Head Honcho is complaining about paying for heath benefits for two employees babies who needed medical help...............AOL is worth $5,9 Billion.........AOL guy complained too many of his employees are having kids.....

    Seems women health issues get picked on allot now from these corporations..........look for more companies not hiring women who are at age of having kids with this Obamacare program.

    The Economy will keep on suffering,

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