Remembering Our Veterans Who Served Our Country

Remembering Our Veterans Who Served Our Country


Happy Veterans Day to those who have served.

We all have a story of someone who we know who is serving or has served in the U.S. military. I come from a long line of family members who have served in the Marines and Army. They all have different stories, yet all share in the fact that they served America.

My grandfather, an Italian immigrant, joined the Army. He was proud to serve his new country as a U.S. citizen. As a child, I remember him showing me the various medals he won while at war. In broken English, he shared stories of his life in war with his buddies, who he stayed in contact with for many years. I remember our conversations as if it was today. He had tears in his eyes when he spoke of those that were killed in combat. My grandfather is long gone, but his stories remain with me.

My father served in the Korean War. He enlisted as part of his duty. He was given an officer job in Germany where he worked on SOS communications. He never went into combat, but rather worked behind the scenes. He and my mother were engaged at the time. She waited for his letters to arrive. She missed seeing him, but looked forward to his return when they would get married. He returned and I was born shortly after their wedding.

Years later, my mother’s brother who was eleven years younger than her, joined the Marines to fight the Viet Nam War. He would write me letters from the front line of combat fearful for his life, yet committed to the fight for freedom. He would see his best friend step on a land mine and sent to an early death while suffering severe injuries that won him a few purple hearts and a metal plate in his head. He has never been the same and has wandered the streets of Miami for many years.

My uncle fought a war that I didn’t believe in, yet he had to; he had no choice. He paid dearly to defend his country. For him, life has been difficult. This is the case for many of the soldiers who have returned to the States injured and the families who have had to adapt.


On this day, I salute the military who each and every day protect our freedom and keep the delicate balance of power in the world. May God bless you all!


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  • Many Military Vets have successful careers after they leave the service, others do not. Today, one out of every three women who leave the military, become homeless after a year. Our Govt. has neglected our Veterans over the years. They provide little assistance in jobs, drug dependency, housing and mental illness.

    There are many Veterans that have mental illness. I know a story about a Korean War Vet, who was seeing a mental psychiatrist in Minnesota. One day, his family used their father to hurt someone that I knew that was involved in a civil lawsuit with the Vet's family. The person I knew, was sued for a civil litigation in Florida. The courts found they had no hold on this person for the civil lawsuit filed by a man that was related to the Vet.

    But in Florida, you can be held for a civil lawsuit if there was a criminal charge put on you. So the mentally ill Vet filed a false criminal charge on my friend so he could be held for the civil case.

    This Korean War veteran (never saw action in Korea based on depositions) marched into court with his war pins and military hat on, and lied under oath of God. The same oath that many Veterans go to war over to protect. Now the Prosecutor blocked (Liminie) the jury to hear that the Korean War Vet had mental issues. There was no witness, no evidence to the Korean War Vet claim. The defendant had plenty of witnesses and evidence he was innocent, who never had a police record. The Korean War Vet did have a long police record. But that was also blocked by the Prosecutor & Judge for the jury to hear. The Jury believed the lies of the Korean War Vet based on him wearing his military wear to court and found my friend guilty of a crime he did not commit.

    As for defendant in the criminal case, it was later revealed that the Prosecutor's wife, was business partner with the Lawyer who was suing the defendant in the civil case. Both judges in the civil & criminal case also worked for the Lawyer at his firm as mediators. So the fix was in for my friend.

    As for the Korean War Vet. He dropped dead the same day the criminal case was closed on my friend.

    There is one soldier who never was a Hero.

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