What Does LOL Mean to You?

What Does LOL Mean to You?

Do you remember the first time someone used LOL in their email message or on Facebook? People have been using the term LOL for a number of years, so it is certainly not a new or hip acronym.  The first time I saw it I had no idea what LOL meant and was embarrassed to ask anyone as not to look un-cool.

Years passed before I discovered what it meant. My first thought when I first saw LOL was it was short for “lots of love.” I found this to be very endearing that my friends would be sending me love. It was comforting. I decided to use it in my e-mails to others. I did this for years.

But wait…LOL doesn’t mean “lots of love.” I looked closer at my correspondence and saw that it didn’t make any sense for some people to send love, so what was LOL? It seemed too late to ask anyone what it really meant. After all, LOL has been around for quite awhile!

I made it a mission to study messages that were sent to me and others. Honestly, I couldn’t come up with what LOL really meant. A friend of mine joked and said it means, “lots of linguini.” Obviously, this was not the answer I was looking for. She wouldn’t tell me what LOL really meant and told me to figure it out myself.

Was I just stupid or not very cleaver? How could I not know what LOL really meant? Was I alone in this mission? Were others just using the term LOL and not knowing what it really meant? It’s a possibility.

Last week I finally got my answer to the meaning of LOL. A tad bit late, but nevertheless I was delighted that I finally figured it out. LOL means “laughing out loud.” Most of you already know this and are probably thinking I am a little slow. I decided I like the phrase “laughing out loud” better than the acronym, so I have eliminated LOL from my vocabulary and waiting for the next signature acronym that will certainly be overused.

This time if I don’t know what it means, I will ask right away as not to be using a word I have no clue what it is. It makes for better communication!

What’s your favorite new acronym? Perhaps, you can educate me and save me some embarrassment.


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  • Terri, I am shocked you did not know what "LOL" meant.......and I am not a text person.......

    Please tell us other items in life you are clueless on.......I am not up to date in everything in life, but I try to in my creative writing skills........especially when I am writing screenplays......

    I do hate when people are always texting.........I even see that in interviews......while driving......waiters in restaurants......

    worst and tasteless acronym of all time is "STFU"........mostly said by people who know that you are right on what you say is the truth.

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